History being made again 

I wrote this a few weeks ago during Dnc

With a sparkle in my eye I am inspired… Inspired that the days of white men, and men all in all can potentially be dethroned from the White House. Obama dethroned the white man and it is with great pride that I call him our president. He is the reason my boys can become president if they chose to. He broke the mold, Hilary will break that glass ceiling. It will come crashing down when she steps up as Madam President. She will have set a bar…. A goal for any aspiring young lady who wants the oval.
When Clinton first ran 8years ago I was torn and conflicted. Did I want the first African American President with then Senator Obama or did I want the first female president with then Senator Clinton.

As a wife to a man of color, as a woman who I a minority with African roots (check my curls to confirm my lineage)… I was torn….

Primary day came and I voted for Hilary. I was still torn I wanted to vote for them both.

When Obama won the elections… I was beyond happy…. That young black men, young minorities, my nephews, my future children have a president who look like them, who represents them fully.

I was there for his inauguration…. I was in Dc to bear witness to this historic event…. And now with Hilary in the front run…. When she wins…. I plan to be there and stand with her celebrating and end to a male dominated world…. Celebrating the possibilities for my nieces and young girls of all backgrounds in this country….

A celebration that all things are possible if you set your mind to it….

The glass ceiling has been broken…. We can follow the footsteps to leadership.

8 years ago Obama opened doors for men of color, men like my children, my nephews, my cousins whom can one day go for that seat. Today Clinton opens those doors for every woman, myself, my sisters, my nieces, my cousins …. For all the little girls who aspire to greatness and seek change. All the girls whom want to make America Better! A better country where I too a woman, a minority woman can hold the highest seat.

History was made yesterday and history will be made come November.

Lover her, or hate her… We all know Trump will only make things worse.


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