My lips were made for talking….

My lips were made for talking….
With our current state in politics we are currently living history. We are witnessing a woman who just received the official nomination for her party. Whether you love her, or hate her, this is significant. The political process of this country is questionable the mere fact that it took 44 elections to finally get an African American says a lot. Now we may potentially soon see a woman is not something to take lightly.
The grand old party has created a monster, a monster whom will take us back centuries…. Though some of his concerns and ideas may have some plausibility, may have some justification, he is going about it the wrong way. Instead of uniting a country he is causing a divide.

He is dividing this country every time he speaks. I respect him for his brutal honesty. I do not respect him for this culture of systematic racism he is promoting, I do not respect his culture of systematic sexism …. Pay attention he is very sexist.

I am here to express my opinions respectfully. I am here to openly speak without the worry of those I know jump down my throat as if I have not done any research, as if I did not get a degree in political science, as if I didn’t study theories, ideologies, as if I didn’t have a brain or know how to process data.

I am sick and tired of men telling me how to exercise my free speech, I am always open for discussion under the pretense that everyone respects each other’s opinion without trying to convince one another to change. We need to be able to live In a society that despite differences of opinions we should be allowed to voice our concerns without fear of someone trying to rewrite, or correct you for having an opinion your entitled to have.
I am sick and tired of men feeling women aren’t educated enough, witty enough, smart enough of given subjects and jump down ones thoughts as if their thoughts, opinions, knowledge is superior to anyone else.
Living in a time where we civil rights are still being violated… I am disgusted by the need for men to always want the last say.

So if I post on a social media thread and you lash… I will respectfully let You lash…. But I will not engage in discourse with someone or anyone who can not or will not be respectful.
I had a friend.. (yes had)….who works in a PD. As the media and social media brought to light the malicious, abusive, inhumane treatments of specific groups…. I was ridiculed for being anti officers. Declaring how dare I have an opinion and not defend them instead.
My personal opinion….. How dare you thinking hat because you are allegedly my friend that your badge allows you to speak to me the way you do. To dictate what I should or should not post… How dare you …. Are you not realizing that you are violating my rights the way many of your colleagues throughout the nation are violating the rights of civilians ?
I am not anti law enforcement, I am not anti life…. I am pro civil rights… Respect my rights…. Respect our rights….
I had a friend, again had, who has differences in political thought….don’t int the same sentence tell me I am wrong and then say your supporting the same candidate.

You are a hypocrite.
I am a supporter of any candidate not based off a party, not based off a brand, not based off a slogan…. I make my decisions based on tract record and the issues…. I weigh the pros and the cons…. I delve into the issues…. If the majority of the issues on your platform address my concerns then I’m with you…. If not I’m with the next person… Regardless of party. I am pro the issues not the brand

I don’t follow a band wagon

I love witnessing history ….
My point .., we all have differences of opinions. Don’t burn bridges. Don’t offend others…. Your entitled to your views as each and every other person. We can all express ourselves without being disrespecting to anyone else.

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