Modern Day Sins


Proverbs 6:32 ESV

“He who commits adultery lacks sense; he who does it destroys himself.”

Modern day Sins can be done with a compact device.

Smart, yet so dangerous.

Useful, yet so filthy.

We Lust, we ponder, we have fun, we tease one another.

we text, we call, we speak, we chat

for what? for a quick little act?

Your spouse, my spouse, none the wiser.

is it worth it if things get hotter?

deeper, faster, more intense.

is it really better than the rest?

It all started with a hello.

You and I because of a strain with the otha

we’ve become each other’s addiction.

yet we will both face conviction.
all with a device, made to be convenient and to ease things.

Modern Day Sins, no longer needs a face to face interactions.

just you, me, and our devices.

Side Bar, happily married woman whom yes have faced temptation as many others out there have. Still Married, to a loving devoted husband. Though i have been faced with temptations, as we all have, I was inspired to write this. I pray that our families will not endure the torment that temptations can bring forth.  a quick moment of fun is never worth destroying a family. Grateful to my wonderful family.


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