Who are you to judge?

Whether you love him or hate him.

Whether you love her or hate her.

One thing we all know is everyone is unhappy.

This political season is just scary.

People think the solution is to just not vote.

Then they will complain regardless who is in office.

Exercise your right to vote…. be apart of the solution not the problem.

People talk and judge based on personal biases without seeing the bigger picture.

Neither candidate will ever represent me.

There are issues that matter to me where one candidate i agree more than the other .

I will not let personal biases rule my decision.

I know it’s not just my interest on the line but others as well.

Honest Abe was used as an example for a question regarding being two faced.

I get the statement…. it’s not that politicians are two faced …. though some are.

It’s that you have your personal private opinion on some issues and then on those same issues you vote not based on your personal belief but of what’s the people who voted you in want and believe.  That can be skewed but it’s the honest truth.

Example: I am pro life… personally… publically I am pro choice…. for every woman should have that right to be able to choose.

Enough about the debate

I’m just scared to see where this country is heading

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