It needs to end… We need justice 

My brothers and sisters of color;My brothers and sisters in uniform;

My brothers and sisters in office;

My brothers and sisters in clergy;

My brothers and sisters in the military;

My brothers and sisters not of color;

We all need to have a civil discourse in humanity. We have lost our humanity. There is nothing humane in taking a life. There’s nothing new civil in retaliation. “An eye for an eye” only creates more chaos, more pain, more distrust, more hate, more divide.

People remember that because BLM movement denounces police killings of black people doesn’t mean members of the movement don’t care about the unjust death of police. You can (and should) care about black lives and care about cops at the same time. We should care about all life. Every life is valuable to God. Jesus paid that ultimate price for us.

The focus though is that BLM, black lives do matter…. Unequivocally the same as every person in uniform. Not less. Black lives matter Unequivocally the same as a white person…. Not less.

Society and the media is enslaving is in fear and isolation because some people are getting away with murder even with all the cameras and proof.

The problem is we are not being heard, our cries right now are in vain. No one is listening…. That’s frustrating …: but we can’t let that frustration lead to retaliation.

Love, God, Peace, growth, education and sadly power is what we need.

Peaceful non violent protests can send messages that we stand united as a people to end the violence…. On every spectrum…..civil rights are being violated and white America has turned their backs on us.
What we need to do is step up to the plate…. Get acquainted in the political course. Take these offices of the “leadership” that are under representing us. Seek to not only learn about your true history, but of the true histories of others… Do not conformed to the westernized white washed politically correct censored versions. The truth is out there, seek it.

Unfortunately to gain respect and power we need wealth…. Seek that power To make POSITIVE CHANGE. Don’t allow greed, temptation, and hate motivate you.
Life is too short, we have to make it right. We only have one life. We all need to get our humanity back and end the vicious cycle that has been bred for hundreds of years. We can not be enslaved in fear.
We have to put on our spiritual costs of arms for there are forces indulging in this manifestations of hate. Yes Prayers are needed, unity is needed, we all need to love one another and live as one…. Humans…. Racism and discrimination needs to cease, anger and resentment needs to go.
Look I have family in EVERY branch of law enforcement and military. So when a shooting to that group happens I worry more than you know. I also am a wife of a black man, a mother of two black men…. I am a person of color despite the lack of pigmentation I have inherited due to colonization, imperialism, slave trade, and Europeans profiting.

My ancestry can be traced back to indigenous Indians of the Caribbean. My ancestry can be traced to several European nations (Italian, French, England and Spain…. I’ve checked).

My ancestry can also be traced back to Africa.

My curls didn’t come from my Taino ancestors…. They came from the moors and African slaves that were brought forth to provide my European ancestors and the royal crown profits. I to am of color again despite my fair skin.

I stand and face the day wondering what else will my people endure.

How many more tears will shed.

I pray for my children.

I pray for my husband

I pray for our families during these difficult times.

I pray that blood shed will end overall.

I pray for change.

But we can’t sit idle waiting for change. Yes we pray and ask God for directions but we have to pull our weight… We have to do our part so God can answer our prayers.

We have to be change we want to see.

We want to violence to end need to continue to set the example.


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