Goals/ Resolutions

Happy New Year fellow bloggers and readers.

I was meditating on this scripture from the in touch devotion for today.

Dr. Charles Stanley is right. This is why I rarely make any “resolutions”. Our resolutions are usually selfish personal goals and desires. Usually they are unrealistic. Hence why many break their resolutions quickly.

I am going to highlight or bold some key points of his devotion then end with a personal prayer.

Dr Charles Stanley’s devotion states as follows:

January 01, 2017
Philippians 3:13-15

Have you ever attempted to walk in a straight line while looking at your feet? Try this on the beach sometime so you can look back at your footprints. You’ll probably be surprised at how crooked the path is. But fix your eyes upon something far away, and each step will point in the desired direction—toward that distant focal point.

Our lives are like this. If we set goals, then our decisions and thoughts will lead toward the desired end. On the other hand, if we bumble along without specific aims, we will wander and waste much precious time and energy.

Goals are crucial to the well-lived life. Why, then, do so many people fail to formulate purposeful aims? Some simply do not see the importance of a plan, while others are too lazy to devise one or don’t know how to go about it. Then there are those who lack faith in God’s ability to help them achieve their aspirations.

Think about the many goals Jesus had—they drove all that He did. His daily aims involved such things as serving others and teaching those who sought righteousness. But more than that, our Savior centered everything on a primary purpose set even before time began: to lay down His life on the cross in order to save mankind from sin and glorify the Father.

We were created to glorify the Lord and be fruitful in His service. Imagine the impact our lives could have if we asked God to guide our goals. Pray, “What do You want to change about my life? What do You want to accomplish through me?” Let Him determine on what and on whom you focus.

Bible in One Year: Genesis 1-3

Wow. Isn’t this devotional spot on?

Let me end with this prayer.

Father God thank you for these words provided by Dr. Stanley of in touch ministries. Bless his ministry dear lord as you bless our ministries. Father God I ask you, for guidance, to be able to provide the changes in me and my life which will not only help nourish our relationship but help to reach your goals with me. Guide me dear Lord in not only showing me but in accomplishing these goals. Guide me dear lord to focus on the ways you want to use me to spread your love, your word, your message and fulfill my role in your goals. In the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.


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