If you have ears, listen!

If you have ears, listen. Matthew 11:15. It’s a sermon I heard many, many years ago…. But still resonates 20 years later.

I was a teenager when my pastor stood at the alter and said those words… Preached that sermon…. That have impacted me my whole life.  Every aspect of my life, every decision I make…. I always go back to that sermon.

So I want to ask… Not my pastor but the person sitting next to me.

How do you have ears, but cannot hear?

How do you have eyes, yet can not see.

Love, but not show that you love.

I must admit sometimes I hear and don’t listen.

God is communicating with us and at times we don’t listen. We can be out of touch sometimes that we can’t even hear when he speaks to us.

We must get rid of the things blocking out our communication with God.

Father God I ask you to help me make use of my ears. So that I can not only hear but listen when you communicate with me. To follow your path, to aide me to do your works. To have ears and listen so that you can use me to fulfill your goals. In them name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit Amen.

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