Mommy chronicles….

“Ugh grown ups…” -my son

I have an amazing five year old son.

I actually have two Amazing sons.

Right now I will talk about my five year old.
After school we did our usual homework, homework check, put school stuff away, some mommy and children time, play time, etc.

So in the midst of our routine I ask him to put away his homework and school books.

He looks at me and with frustration proclaims “ugh grown ups don’t do anything, you have us do everything and you do nothing!”
Honestly I wanted to say “excuse me who you think your talking to, possible take something away”.

Instead I asked him what he was talking about.

He asked why couldn’t I put away his books.

Valid question.

So I answer to teach responsibility, your books from school are your responsibility. You read them and you are to return them.

He says ugh all adults are lazy!

I asked him a series of questions as to what I do to make his life easier and ask him, does that make mommy lazy?

He responds no.

My son: Why are our teachers lazy ?

Me: what do you mean?

My son: they have all the kids doing all their work so they don’t have to do anything.

Me: no sweetie (holding a laugh) they are teaching you to be independent and responsible

My son: i could learn all that without having to do their work for them.

I like how he processes information, analyzes things, more importantly what he says.
I may not be a perfect mom.

I focus on their education.

I encourage their ability to express their free thinking.

I always ask follow up questions just to get an insight in their minds.

He’s reading and comprehending at a end of year first grader in both English and Spanish.

He always has something to say.
There are times his inquisitive nature can be annoying (I won’t lie), there are others which intrigue me.

Today’s rant about doing other people’s work by my son intrigued me.
Kids I tell you.

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