I am surrounded by strong iron men.

IronMen. Not the Marvel version, but my very own army of IronMen. Men whom are the embodiment of this scripture.

I am so blessed to have married a man whom has such amazing friends. I love their friendship. I love their honesty, I love the way they are frank, I love the multiple conversations that unfold around them, I love the way they love each other. Despite what one another is facing, they lift each other up. In the midst of their darkness, when facing their storms, they come together to find a solution to help each other out. That’s exactly living this proverb. My Iron Men.

They sharpen each other, they guide one another, they help one another, they grow with one another and these commodities are hard to find these days. They are Iron Men.

Fellowship is important. Laughter is good for the souls. Food is good for the belly.

One of the wives of my husbands and I were talking. (Well to be honest out of the 6 fellas it’s really only us 2 lol) throughout the years we have bonded and become sisters. We have become IronWoMen for one another.

She’s the godmother to one of my sons…. not something you give to just anyone. She is my family as is her husband to my husband. Last night we were talking about how much our men need one another, how much they need this fellowship as an outlet to be free. How when we both married our husband, in part we married all of them …. for they are all a packaged deal.

We know our men, the needs of our husbands and their brothers. We have come to step up to make sure that we are there for them despite the obstacles. To always support not just our husbands but the tribe. Our very own Ohana, family.

People from various backgrounds united by love. Everyone brings something to the table in their bond. Such s beautiful thing to witness.
I know many do not have that support system. I am very grateful my husband has his. His inner circle is a lot bigger than mine. Each person knows what they need.

Always be that friend to help the other grow and vice versa.

It is important to be with like minded people who can lift you up, who together you can make each other stronger. We need more of this in this world. We need more people uplifting one another in this world. We need more unity.
Father God, I thank you for the company of great friends. I thank you for making them family. I thank you for allowing us all to grow together and lift each other up. I know not everyone has these types of relationships, father I pray for those whom feel lonely. I pray they find someone to lift them. I am truly grateful for all your love, compassion and knowledge. I am Grateful Dear lord for th Iron Men and Iron WoMen in our lives. In your name we pray amen.


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