In God we must Trust

I am going to post about something I have already posted on, with a current day feel. I will not be separating church and state.
It is Day number two since the inauguration of President Trump. I will put my personal biases aside against President Trump because I respect our political process and country. I respect the voters that went out to vote despite our choices for the Presidency.
I am proud of the organizers of the women’s march and the thousands of thousands of women whom participated. They have expressed their American rights.

To those whom protested that didn’t vote, you should have. This post will not be fully on politics but on a combination of church and state.
I feel aside from our electoral process, God wanted President Trump to win. Now I will not say he is not my president, for that is very disrespectful. We can agree to disagree on the issues. However, back to why I feel God chose this path.
America has forgotten its roots, the reasons the founding fathers came here and revolutionized. One of the many reasons they came here was to freely worship God and have the right to do so without fear, punishment from  government / the crown dictating what they can or cannot do. There were other reasons, but today, for this piece we are talking of the religious aspect.
How many of you feel qualified enough at your given trade / profession? How many of you feel qualified enough to give a sermon? To speak about the word of God? How many of you feel qualified enough to run for office or be President?
President Trump had his reasons why he ran, society (myself included) has even felt he is unqualified to lead a nation. However, despite our afflictions, many felt he was qualified, God included for he wouldn’t have let the man win. GOD Qualified him to be President.
Maybe the country needs him, to humble our thoughts and bring us back down to our knees to pray for one another, to help and love one another, to support one another and protect one another.
Where am I going with this?

How many biblical figures can you think of were deemed by society as unqualified? Can you name just one? Think about it.
Below is an excerpt from a previous post I wrote:
“Here are a few Biblical examples, of people whom society deemed unqualified but God qualified them to their destined callings that have shaped Christianity as we know it today. We know there are many more but here are just a few whom have been qualified despite being unqualified:

Jacob – cheater/ deceiver

Isaac – day dreamer

Moses – stuttered

Noah – got drunk

Jonah – ran from god

David – had affairs

Simon (Peter – Petros- in Greek means rock…go figure he became the rock of Christianity) – had a temper

Paul – murderer

Gideon – insecure,

Miriam – a gossiper,

Martha – a worrier,

Thomas – a doubter,

Sara – impatient,

Elijah – moody,

Rehab – a prostitute,

Samson – he liked prostitutes.

Isaiah – preached naked for three years,

Jeremiah – way too emotional,

Abraham – old

Lazarus – dead.

I – am human, I un-qualify myself daily and I am subject to sin

You? – (you don’t have to answer this to me, maybe here is a good point to stop for a few seconds for self-reflection…I know I have)”
Cheaters, deceivers, prostitutes and murderers, to name a few, were qualified by God. They have set examples, been redeemed for a specific purpose. They helped mold Christianity as we know of it today.
God may have qualified President Trump to bring us back to God. To bring this country running back to God. To have everyone on their knees praying to God. To remind every one that he is the Great I AM!
I am going to bring up more excerpts from my previous blog post. For I see they are fitting more so now than ever.
“God doesn’t call those, whom we think are qualified, He qualifies those whom are called!”


“He qualified a deceiver, a drunk, a prostitute, a womanizer, the uneducated…. ”

Why wouldn’t he be able to qualify President Trump they way he qualified many from the Bible and many of us in all our faults and lack thereof to be a blessing upon someone else in the name of God.
When Paul wrote to the Corinthians, he told them in 1 Corinthians 1:26 (ESV) “For consider your calling, brothers: not many of you were wise according to worldly standards, not many were powerful, not many were of noble birth.”
President Trump was chosen, unfortunately not by the electoral college, not just by his supporters, but by God. By worldly standards he is unqualified, God allowed him to win. God sees something we can’t yet fathom.
He was chosen despite many of us (myself included) whom felt that he had lack of education, lack of understanding the political process, beside the lack of experience in politics, besides the lack of knowledge in political theories, ideologies and rules of though, the societal norms of politics have changed with this elections. Why? Not because the people spoke, God spoke.
Don’t let society’s standards take you back. God wants his people to come back to him, remember him, love him, he also wants his people to love one another, care for one another, pray for one another, protect one another.
We do need to bring God back in America, not just as a Christian, but for those with other religious sentiments. All of our rights need to be protected. Let’s unite as one in the issues that matter.

Yesterday’s woman’s march was symbolic to say the least.


Me being a woman, I should matter.

I should be respected as equally as men are respected

My reproductive system I should decide what happens not man.

Pro choice or pro life? That should be up to me to decide not mandated by anyone else. If I make the wrong choice I should face my judgement at the thrown of God not of man.

To take away my right to healthcare due to pre existing conditions is just as barbaric.

My wages should match that of a man dollar to dollar, not 50 cents to the dollar, not 75 cents to the dollar, but dollar to dollar.

My rights matter.

I am a Christian, a woman, a mother, a provider and I am here. I matter.

My life matters.

Women’s lives matters.

Black lives matters.

Christian lives matters.

Muslim lives matters.

Buddhist lives matters.

Hindu lives matters.

Jewish lives matter.

Asian lives matter

Latino lives matters.

Indian lives matter.

White lives matter.

Government official lives matter.

Officers lives matter.

Firefighter lives matters.

President Trumps life matters.

All lives matter.
God loves us all.

We all have the ability to do our part to enter the gates of Heaven.
Politically we can all agree to disagree. In regards to religion we can agree to disagree.

Respect one another, love one another, protect one another, guide one another. We must respect the leader of the “free world”. Set our differences aside. Let’s see what he will do and stand up to defend our people when we have to.
Today I will pray for President Trump, for First Lady Trump, for VP Pence, for their families, for the many activists fighting for America and for All of America. God I ask you protect everyone. That you guide us all for the next four years. May you take charge and manifest everyone’s minds and hearts. I am not asking for acceptance, but for guidance. Guide us lord towards prosperity. Not just for the 1% but the 99% as well. Guide this country to seek you and do your will. Guide us lord, for I know you have qualified Trump the way you have qualified Jacob, Moses, Rahab and others. God you are in total control. I ask that you protect our leaders on government. I ask that you guide their hearts to make the right choices for their constituents. I ask that you protect us, we the people, regardless of race, class, preference, religious affiliations and so forth. I pray that America comes back to you. God give us the strength needed to carry on your work, using all of our talents in the various areas of specialty so that your will be done. Whether civically or spiritually, guide us all to fulfill your will Amen.


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