…A wise man holds it back…

This morning I was reading my many daily devotions.
I start my mornings the same, I rise, I thank the lord, i pray,I start getting ready to start my daily routines, for work and get the children ready for school. Before I wake them up I give myself 20mins or so to read and reflect the devotions.
This proverb 29:11, struck a cord in my soul. As soon as I read the proverb I said thank you God for being my council. Had I not given myself to you, or reopened our Channels of communication I would not have handled last nights situation as calm, collective or civil as I did. Thank you for reminding me why I had to maintain my composure.
So about last night…. I am a mother of two amazing young men (ages five and two respectively). I am the eldest of four siblings, my siblings I treat and look out for them as if they were are also my babies. I helped raised them.
My sister (#2 in line) is currently expecting her first child. She’s been having issues with her child’s father and family regarding the pregnancy and decisions that she needs to make pertaining to her care and the care of the unborn child. They’ve been highly demanding, not catering to the needs of mother and infant, the father feels he should be catered to, he feels he should have a say with things concerning her body. (Subject of amniocentesis came up- he was for it she was against it).
Both adults are functioning adults with some disabilities. Some concepts are hard to understand, this is all new to them both, this is a change that is affecting both emotionally. Lots of educating needs to be done to both parties. Not singling neither side out. There are differences in opinions due to differences in upbringings which have taken a toll for both. Not excluding neither parties here. Both are of concern to me.
Regardless of who is my family(blood) and who isn’t all three, mom, baby and dad are important and we are concerned for. At this moment in time this union and natural act of love conceived a child which has sanctified this bond and united both families. The main concern and focus is not only the well being of mother and growing baby, but the father during the pregnancy. We just need to fully get them both to understand the changes both are undergoing and what the process is.
Last night was a rocky path. The father called my sister, details of the conversation I will leave out, the end result was: she was extra emotional. Her blood pressure sky rocketed, she had a near panic attack with whatever was discussed between the two.

I had to reach out to the family And explain hey, not sure the full details that happened, however this was the aftermath that was left.
The well being at this precise moment is of the mother and child. Please explain to the father to be that what he does, say, act can affect her emotions, hormones, health which put together is not good for the child. I am not sugarcoating or condoning what my sister may or may it have said, but both need to understand the risks for both parties. I Kept my tone calm, collective despite my fears and worry. Kept it civil despite my wanting to yell and say a few choice unchristian not ladylike words.
Waking up to this verse is my confirmation from God, do not go there. Be the bigger person. Turn the other cheek (though i can hesitate on turning my cheek and would prefer to throw in a fist instead). As Former First Lady Michelle said “when they go low, we stand high.”
Mother and baby in the belly are fine at the moment. She was in great care, surrounded by family whom work in healthcare and understand how these situations work. Her healthcare providers were quick in responding to address last nights episode for her to ensure her well being.
Sometimes in some situations we can’t loose our temper, doing so is not only foolish, but could make any situation worse. We will have moments where we will need to bite our tongues, turn both cheeks, stay quiet and resist every natural carnal impulse that we have to defend what we love.
The devil is a liar. He tries to attack you when your climbing that spiritual ladder. He is there trying to saw at the steps so you can go falling down. Don’t succumb to these trickery of the enemy.
Father God I ask you to protect my sister and her expectant child, I ask everyone reading this to pray for her. God I pray for the family of the father, give them understanding, compassion and the strength needed for this next chapter in all our lives. I pray that you give my sister strength, compassion and understanding. I pray for other expectant mothers in similar situations. It is rough, it is emotional, pregnancy involves changes in every aspect of an expectant mother and fathers lives. I pray that despite the words which have been exchanged between the two, though hurtful, that they can forgive one another and move on. I pray that you guide our families in this complex situation. I pray you guide families in similar situations world wide. May we all in your name be advocates for our disabled adults. I pray for the physicians involved during this prenatal transition, the team in place is beyond amazing, lord bless and protect these amazing physicians. In your name we pray. Amen.

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