What to expect when your expecting…

Many expectant mothers have purchased this book, myself included. This book was amazing. Detailed. Helpful with the changes ones body goes through.

What about for special needs adults?

What to expect when your an expecting special needs adult. Not a catchy title, but nonetheless, needed.

Expectant mothers of the special needs population undergo extra testing, need extra emotional and mental support, need extra guidance, extra education.

Being pregnant is fun, hard, scary all at the same time, imagine how it may be for someone from the special needs population. My heart aches that my sister had to endure all these extra testings.  Of course the well being of the baby is of the upmost importance.

While we’ve been reading the what to expect books, it dawned on me, I haven’t seen any books that may disclose what she may be going through that I didn’t experience.  As soon as I thought that, she asked me.

I tried researching to see if such books exist. Nope. Nada. What I did find were blogs about special needs families.  Though are bodies are the same, going through the same things, more emotional support, education, resources, testings and patience are needed with caring for an expectant special needs mom…. and dad to be.

We really need to advocate more for special needs adults. More resources are needed.  I am thankful that my sister has the support system she needs.  I am thankful that we can help her emotionally. Thanlful she has is. Crying for those whom don’t have that support.

God I pray for the strength and guidance needed during this process. I pray for families across the globe going through similar circumstances we are.  I know dear lord we are not the first, nor will be the last. Please lord let us use this moment, this time to help those for the future. Amen.


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