â€œ…Let your light shine before others, 

that they may see 

your good deeds 

and glorify 

your father in heaven.”  

Matthew 5:16 (NIV)

Good deeds are hard to come by. It’s a saying that I keep hearing time and time again.
Then we have folks that always have to share their good deeds. Broadcast ant time they help someone. That should not be the case.
We should not need to boast every time a deed is done. When you do something for someone great. How did it make them feel? How did it make you feel? How do you think God feel? That good act you did glorifies God. He felt awesome, glad, proud. Saying that’s my son…. attaboy…. there’s my princess….attagirl.
Why now does one need to seek the approval of the masses on social media?
Do you remember (not gonna lie I just sang do you remember mentally Michael Jackson in my head ), but do you remember a time before social media? A time when good deeds were only shares with the parties involved?
They felt great, you felt great, God felt great. Now we have people whom boast…. do you know what God is probably doing??? 
Here’s an imagery:

God just saw your deed. God says ” yes my child, shine my child, hallelu….. wait… what are you doing?”

God: shakes his head, hands up asking:

God : “why????

do you value their opinions more than mine?

“Do you need their approval?

That feeling you had before, I gave you that, I told you to do that…. was I not enough?”
Let’s not idolize others.

Let’s not seek the approval of others.

It’s ok to share when giving a testimony.

To share for approval, to boast that you did a good deed….that’s not pure of heart. That hurts God.
Next time you do a good deed, savor that moment with God.

You will shine, your acts just glorified him. Let’s keep somethings simple, something’s discreet, something’s private. Let’s not get lost and loose a blessing by seeking acceptance from others. Let’s live as if social media doesn’t exist in some cases. The only one we need approval from is God.
Father God I thank you today for another opportunity to lift your band in praise. I thank you for this day. I want to shine glorifying you and only you. Please help me keep that fire burning, help me continue to shine forever more. In your name I pray. AMEN 


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