7 word poems,

So I have seen a few people do some of these 7 word poems and I said why not let’s see what God can provide.
7 word poems.
1- Love, faith, trust.

Lord, it’s a must.

2-Father, Son, Spirit.

Praise be to Trinity.

3-Love, faith, trust.

Don’t need Pixie Dust.
4-Here, there, anywhere.

Open hearts, he’s Everywhere.

5- Exalt, pray, praise.

Glorify him, he’s raised.

6- Hot, cold, tears,

Spirit dances and cheers.

7- Humble, thankful, rejoice.

Brings blessing, his choice.

8- Scriptures, read, meditate.

Let them sink, resonate.

9- MARY, MOther MARY,

Did you know, MARY?

10- Ashes to ashes,

Dust we shall return.

11- Sing, rejoice, praise

Gates open, God sustains.

13- Hope, faith, love.

Look, see the dove.

14- Walk, in faith.

Trust with your heart.

15-Live in faith,

Love with all might.

16- He sees you.

Yet still loves you.

17- Lost, confused, scared.

Rebuke it, God Cares.

18- Lie, cheat, steal.

Livin in sin, unreal.

19- Save me, God.

Seek him, trust first.

20- Help me, God.

Obey him, pray first.

21-Heal me God.

Maintain your faith first.

22- Live, love, laugh.

Give all, not half.

23-Tired, frustrated, mad.

Almost over, be glad.


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