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I posted a blog entitled “Crying a River” a few days back.

I dedicate that post, and this one to Patient Doe  (that is what I will refer the person as for privacy reasons).

Patient Doe passed away since I wrote that post.

My heart aches for the family of Doe.

Sending a special Prayer for the family.

God our Father,

Lord, at the moment nothing  it may seem to be able to help the loss this family feels.
My heart is broken and my spirit mourns with them.
All I know is that Your grace is sufficient.
This day, this hour
Moment by moment
I choose to lean on You, I pray that this family leans on you as well.
For when I am at my weakest Your strength is strongest.

I know in this moment of weakness and pain, you will provide the strength needed for them to continue.
I praise You that on one glorious day
When all suffering is extinguished and love has conquered
We shall all walk together again.

Despite this loss, I bring before you today
 those who suffer 
from chronic illness or disability
- those for whom sickness or disability profoundly affects their lives.

When they feel diminished,
remind them that you call them by name and hold them 
in the palm of your hand.

When they feel fragile and broken, mold them and heal them,
 that they may more closely resemble the image of Jesus,

your Son and our Brother.

When they are reminded
of different times in the past ,
lead them to grow in the faith 
that you love them today, as they are, in the reality of their lives this day.

When they feel uncertain about the future, lead them to that perfect love 
which casts out all fear.

When situations remind them – not of what they can do,
but of what they cannot do – remind them that “love never fails”,
and that, living in your love, they will bear your fruit in plenty.

May all of us
- whatever our circumstances -
 never be so taken up with our own concerns that we do not see or respond to 
the needs of others.

May we live with courage
the different challenges 
that each of us faces.


R.I.P Patient Doe.



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