Digital World

Digital World.

Today I thought of Madonna’s song “Material Girl”, one of my favorites, and took out the word material and replaced it with digital.
Now sing it (or don’t).

“‘Cause we are living in a digital world

And I am a digital girl

You know that we are living in a digital world

And I am a digital girl.”
We are living in a new era.

We are living in a new word.
It’ is partly material since many put their material needs before everything, sadly even before the Lord, yet it is also digital.
We are living in a digital world. 

A World where I am freely expressing myself in things that matter me via my mobile device and publishing it on line. My very own digital fortress.
A World where I can chat on social media and have a conversation (or not) with the person sitting in front of me.
A World where my finger tips have access to an infinite amount of data.
This could be a blessing and a curse.
This could be a blessing to ones soul, or a distraction to the blessing yet received.
We need to find time to be disconnected from the digital world.
 We need to Resist Interrupting Behavior. What are Interrupting Behaviors?

Looking at your computer, texting, fidgeting, rubbing your hands, biting your fingernails, twirling your hair, crumbling your napkin…needing to access that smart phone, tablet or computer all the time.
Control your smart phone! 

Control your impulse to be connected.


It’s ok you know.



Don’t be distracted and focus on what God wants for you.
Prov. 20:12 Ears that hear and eyes that see–the LORD has made them both.
We need to focus on our walk with the lord as we would had the digital era not existed. Focus on your relationship not just with God but others. Many of us sitting with our families are so disconnected with one another because we are so connected do the digital world. 

Disconnect from the digital world, listen with your ears, see with your eyes open your mind, open your heart and reconnect with God.
We need to continue to build relationships with our loved ones and God, we need to not let the comforts of this digital era intervene in your relationships and blessings.

 The digital world can be a distraction if you let it. It can also be used as a platform to bless others if you let yourself be moved by God.

Father though we are in the digital world I thank you. I thank you for the accessibility to use technology for your will. To share your word across the word. To have access to your teachings. Though this digital world has advantages Lord I know there are many distractions that come with. Guide me lord to use my ears to shut off the distractions. Guide me lord to use my eyes to avoid the distractions. To be able to know when to disconnect from the digital world and remain connected to you and only you. I want to be fully immersed in you my lord. Free from the accessible distractions of the world. Help me reconnect in my relationship with you and those near and dear. Help me resist from the distractions the digital world offers and instead use it as a tool for your glorify. Amen.


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