Not an easy call for 45

“Assad choked out the lives of innocent men, women and children. It was a slow and brutal death for so many. Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack. No child of god should ever suffer such horror.” – President Trump, #45.
I agree with this statement made by 45.

No child of God should suffer such horror. This act by Assad violated several UN sanctions. Those affected by this barbaric attack, my heart is with you. My prayers for the deceased, my prayers for this still affected. My prayers to the survivors.
The actions by 45, though heart felt, filled with both emotions and rage, showed the world that America will not stand idle while innocent lives are affected, America will not stand idle while international sanctions are violated.
My concern though is the aftermath.  

59 tomahawk cruise missiles were sent to the military site in Syria which allegedly housed these chemical agents ( or where these agents were stored). I have mixed feelings on the strike. Yes I am glad he addressed it, yes I’m glad he didn’t listen to Putin, yes I’m glad he stood firm, I am concerned again with the aftermath.  
Is there Intel on how much of the substance was still onsite?

Is there Intel on when the strike occurs will the surrounding areas be affected?

Will there be a control situation so that innocent civilians do not rep the repercussions. They (civilians) did not ask nor deserve to be treated and affected they way they have due to Assad, we should not add to their misery. Those are my concerns.
Normally I don’t agree with 45 on many things. Today I say I stand with him more than against. I do not feel his acts were impulsive…. the chemical attacked happened Tuesday, strike on Thursday. An impulsive decision would’ve been him responding instantly. It also took a lot for him to intervene and I feel his advisors played a major role. In the past he has stated American shouldn’t intervene on foreign affairs that can be handled domestically in their land. He has been open about his feelings on Syria. It must’ve taken a lot for him to even get involved. I don’t think 45 is a monster. Last night you saw it in his eyes, his face, his demeanor that he was genuinely disturbed by the situation, hurt by the children, innocent lives, affected, torn with the decision he made and the aftermath (globally and domestically) which he will face.
America, love him or hate him, we need to stand with him on this. Love him or hate him, we need to cover him in prayers, love him or hate him the job he has before him is not easy, he will make mistakes, he will make good decisions, he may be impulsive, but I feel in this situation many other presidents would’ve made a similar call. (I’m not saying exact call… but action would’ve been taken someway shape or form).
 45 I will pray for you.

I will pray for our country.

I will pray for the world.

I will pray for the innocent children.
Father God I stand before you as an American whose heart is conflicted. We are as Christians to promote love, forgiveness and not use excessive force. We are also called to help one another and defend one another as Christians. Father I know it was a hard decision to make for 45. I know he also may have felt conflicted. I know regardless of whether his choice was right or wrong that you will guide him and know his intentions. God I pray for the Syrians affected by Assad chemical attack. I pray that no innocent individuals were affected in this missile strike. I pray that you guide our leaders, that you guide their decision making that you protect your children. Protect the country, protect your children, protect the whole world. Amen,