Angel feathers 


This morning my two year old tells me there is an Angel in the Kitchen.
I was getting him ready to leave the house to drop off the new sitter and he just states that. So Instinctively I take a look, obviously I don’t see anything. So I go back to getting my son ready. He repeats what he said. So I say sure baby there is an ….then he says look. He stopped me mid-sentence. I look. There was a white feather floating above us.

He looks up and says see, the Angel is here with us.
I started to pray.
My two year old saw an Angel.
A feather appeared.
I felt like I was not alone, but did not feel in danger.
I felt protected.
I felt a peace.
I felt serene.

There was an Angel visiting my son.

The floating feather disappeared (or my son lost it) after he caught it.

What a way to start the day.

God thank you for sending protection.
Thank you for sending your Angels to walk among us.

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