Stumbling Block: Excessive Questioning: Casting Stones

When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”  – John 8:7 NIV
Imagine being in the shoes of the adulteress who was being condemned.  She was preparing herself for the inevitable moment.  Her Death.
Then low and behold Jesus came and said, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” Just like that each one dropped their stones.  Each one walked away.  This image chosen reflects exactly what happened.  Jesus showed Love. She Reconciled.  He Forgave her. He showed Mercy (not included in the image but adding it in), He Restored her, and her faith.
Us as followers, how many times have we been in a situation where we doubt, we judge, we ask questions, tons of questions, we throw stones, knowing all to well we were once at the receiving end of this stone lashing.
We ask what happened, how it happened, how did you let it happen, why ? Who, What, Where, When and Why? In school we are usually talk the 5 W’s are good to get to the root of the problem, whether in science or reading a novel.  In life, they can do two things, help or condemn.  When someone is lost and is seeking guidance the 5 W’s just pushes them further away.  All they see or think is that your casting out our judgement and throwing these stones.  You may be doing it subconsciously, you be me trying to help, sometimes these added extra questions are stumbling blocks in ones walk.
We tend to forget. We cast stones. We were forgiven, yet find it hard to pardon others, we have reconciled yet find it hard to see others reconcile, we have been restored, but sometimes become a stumbling block on the restoration of others, we have been shown love, yet forget to love all.  We have had our faith restored, yet we hinder the restoration of the faith of others.
What I like about the story of the adulteress is that it reminds us, we are all sinners, we are all flesh or the flesh.  We can not cast stones when we ourselves are impure. 
Drop your stones. Remember we were once in the place of the adulteress.  We stood once in her shoes, had the same fears, sensed death was about to take us out of our misery. Yet here we are. Here we stand, a stone in one’s hand.  
Drop that stone.  Reflect in your walk.  Forgive, show love, restore, reconcile, show mercy, and guide someone in their faith, in their walk.  Do not be an additional stumbling block for that person’s blessing or salvation.  Remember we were once there.
Father God today I learned a lesson about the various stumbling blocks of faith. How these stumbling blocks hinder our walk. How sometimes we are the stumbling blocks that intervene in someones blessing.  Lord there were 13 stumbling blocks I learned today, yet today i chose to talk about the excessive talking/ judgement that can lead to someone’s blessing being lost.  Lord I ask that you guide me not to be a hindrance or stumbling block on someones blessing nor salvation.  May I drop any stones I may accidentally pick up, may I remember I was once in those shoes, that I once needed guidance, I was once lost, but now I am found.  May we all be used as a step to  aid and restore someones faith. Amen

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