Holy Thursday

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Today has many names that people refer to it.

Some call it Maundy Thursday, Holy Thursday, Covenant Thursday, Great and Holy Thursday, Sheer Thursday and Thursday of Mysteries among others.  Today is the Christian Holy Day which is the Thursday before Resurrection Sunday (also known as Easter).

Today we commemorate the Maundy (washing of feet), which can be found in the following gospels; John 13:1–17, Luke 22: 24-27 &  Matthew 26:14-29 where Jesus washes the feet of the Disciples.

Today we also commemorate the Last supper with the apostles  (which can be found in Matthew 26: 17-30, Luke 22: 7-23, Mark 14: 12-26  & John 13). Today is the 5th day of the Holy Week after palm Sunday.

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 Today I have reflected on all the wonderful blessings my lord and savior has provided. 

Despite my pain, despite my suffering, despite my anguish, despite my heart aches, despite my sickness, despite anything that can attempt to bring me me down, I will Glorify and Honor my Lord.


Today I give praise for the life given to me, the blessings bestowed upon me, especially for the blessings I am not worthy of receiving, he deemed I was, so for that I am eternally grateful.  I lift his name in prayers and thank him for the path he has chosen for me, some days I agree, some I am confused, some I disagree, but this is the path he wants for me.


Today I reflect on the sacrifice he made for you, for me, for my children, for the Jews, for the gentiles, for everyone living, breathing here on earth.


I thank him for the guidance he has provided to allow me to grow spiritually and to allow my faith to grow in him as I walk with him.


The blood which was shed, the tears which were shed, all cleansed and washed my sins away.


The Proverbial son, the Messiah, the lamb of mankind, he brought us salvation.  No matter what we do, we could never repay the gift he gave us.  I will strive in my might to attempt to walk my walk as he did.  We may be persecuted, we may face trials and tribulations, but he did say it will not be easy.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Regardless of what you refer today as, I ask you that you reflect in your walk, your relationship with your creator.  Today has many names, As God has many names as well. Regardless of what you call him, I ask that you reflect in him.


Father God I thank you for another day, for another blessing, for another opportunity to spread your word. God I thank you for the marvels you have bestowed my way, starting with the sacrifice you made for my salvation. May we continue to Honor you, today, always and forever in gratitude for you have done, continue to do and have yet done for us.



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