Today: Start living your life Abundantly

“…I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

John 10:10
As Kids we used to say, ” When I grow up I am going to be rich so that my kids can have everything I never had”.
Then we grow up and realize money does not grow on trees. Though we work hard, we make sacrifices knowing that we may or not get rich, but you want to be in a place where you can provide for your children in ways your parents may not have been able to do for you.
We want our children to live abundantly in this carnal world. We usually think about the materialistic things that can help you lead an abundant life. Now Jesus offers this to us, God offers this to us in John 10:10.
Are you living the abundant life spoken here?
He is not making reference to the materialistic desires of the world.
Jesus wants you to live your life “to the fullest” hence the term abundant life means “life to the full.”
He wants your spiritual life to be full. His promise about living abundantly is beyond what the world and carnal desires can provide for you.
The same way now we as adults work hard, make sacrifices for our children so they can have some of the commodities, adventures and so forth that we didn’t have, God wants us to do the same with our Spiritual life.
God wants us to be full of his blessings.
He wants you to be filled with everlasting Joy.
He wants you to find peace.
He wants you to overcome obstacles.
He wants you to have hope.
He wants you to have faith.
God made the sacrifice with his son Jesus who died on the Cross for you and I.
That sacrifice is so we can live that abundant life today.
Not some day.
Today you and I can let go of the wickedness of the world.
Let go of temptation.
Let go of sin.
Let go of doubt.
Let go of fear.
We can all Live that abundant life described today.
Not tomorrow.
DO not waste time.
take advantage of the opportunity provided for your with the sacrifices made for you.
That is what we want for our children, God wants the same for us.
Receive his blessing, his glory, his joy, his strength, his guidance, his love, his trust and go ahead and live that abundant life.
Father God I thank you for the ultimate sacrifice you made in Sending Jesus to pay the price of our sins so we to can have an eternal life with you. So we too can enjoy the fruits of your sacrifice. So we too can live an abundant life with you. Help me dear lord to remain focused in you so I can live my life to the fullest in your Glory. Guide me so that I may not stray, lose focus or take steps back. I trust in you and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Father for this sacrifice.

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