Book Review: WOMAN OF CLAY: An outrageous gospel story unveiled


By: Linda Caddick

This books bring you a Story of the main Character Shana whom we briefly heard her story told in the Bible.  This book gives that person a name and brings her to life.  This give a vivid account of what it was to be among Jesus during and after his ministry.

I really loved this book and am Looking forward to continuing to the next book Woman of Mettle.

This is the author’s narrative on Amazon:

This vivid story of love triumphing over human weakness plunges you into a vibrant drama in 1st century Israel.
“In her mind’s eye, she saw herself cowering as the blur of that first stone hurtled towards her, its keen edge cutting into the soft flesh of her neck. Then another, striking her on the temple with a head-splitting blow, stones slamming into her from every direction. She felt the terror of death and heard her own screams inside her head. “God, have mercy on me,” she whimpered.”

Self-deception, passion, and turmoil threaten to destroy everything Shana holds dear, even her own life. Driven by a burning quest for happiness, she sacrifices the love of a good man to satisfy a need she can’t identify, paying a high price for the legacy of her father’s rejection.

A shocking face-to-face encounter with a controversial young rabbi reveals the truth. He claims her heart and gives his life in exchange, but still she must suffer the consequences of her choices. A cruel twist of fate presents her with a final test – her will or God’s will? Love requires a sacrifice, but can all she has lost ever be restored?

At the end of this book, it teaches you that sometimes we must endure things to be able to benefit from what God has to offer.  We must learn to trust in God and let go.  To understand that he has forgiven us from our sins, and forgive ourselves.



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