Social Media misuses

Estamos en una etapa que todo Es en focado a Los que el pueblo piensas
We spend too much time worry about how many likes, followers, comments. Etc. no it shouldn’t be that way.
On my social Media pages I tend to post a lot.
I post biblical versus.
I post controversial issues.
I post political issues.
I post family pictures.
I post memes and jokes.
I post social issues.
I post issues of injustices .
I post about global issues.
I post about community issues.
You get it I post a lot.
I just like you spend a good amount of time socializing or lack thereof socializing thanks to social media.
Though this page has allowed me to write about thing’s I do not go in depth about on Social Media.
I’m using social media as an outlet to bring awareness, for my family abroad to see my kids, for those who are in need can read a message.
Do you know what makes me happy?
When I read something, then I share it… And minutes or hours later I get a message saying wow!
Hey! God used you because I needed that.
I’ll read something and a voice tells me send this directly to so and so. So I’ll text or email or private message so and so…. And I get wow …… I needed that.
It makes me happy because God used me little ol me, to help someone… To answer someone (me unknowingly) but I helped deliver what ever it was they needed.
I like helping people
People have taken advantage to the fact that I like helping people.
But I like to help.
Always have.
But back to the original reason for writing this.
Look at your feed what do you post?
Are you worried about how many likes/ comments/ shares etc?
Then my dears your worried about the wrong things.
Yes it’s nice to know someone likes your point of view or whatever you posted…..
What matters most is how God sees you.
Thank you Father for judging me through your eyes. For loving me like no other. With you, it’s just us dear Lord. It’s not a popularity contest. It’s just you and I. I am thankful for the love you provide, the guidance you give. For leading me down this path. For holding my hand, despite my flaws and never letting go. I love you dear lord. I thank you. All I do is for your Glory and yours alone. Amen

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