Be Joyful

“Let the saints be joyful in glory; let them sing aloud on their beds.”
(Psalm 149:5, NKJV)
We should give praise from the moment we open our eyes, still laying in our beds.
I am not going to lie, there are days I jump out of the bed, start my daily morning routines and i fall back saying Oh man I am so sorry, thank you Lord for this precious day.
There are days while I am still laying in bed, I cant help but begin to praise him and give thanks.
This morning I woke up singing his praises.
I sang a song while I did my morning routines.
As I got the kids ready, I continued to sing.
As I packed their lunches, I continued to sing.
As we headed to our destination, I continued to sing.
I am oh so grateful for what he has given me.
So grateful for his blessings.
So thankful for his love.
So thankful for my family.
Why not sing his praise.
Father God I thank you. Lord I rejoice your name. I thank you for all you have done. I will praise you until my last breath. I will praise you with my hands, with my feet, with every fiber of my being for your are so worthy of the praise and the glory.   I ask you to continue to give me the strength needed to continue to praise you.  I know there are days and moments where circumstances wish to block me from doing so, i ask that you constantly remind me that in the midst of my storm, I shall still rejoice and praise, for in the Morrow, more blessings will come. Today’s storm is a lesson that I will reflect on another day.  Amen

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