Wolf & Lamb

The wolf and the lamb will feed together,
and the lion will eat straw like the ox,
and dust will be the serpent’s food.
They will neither harm nor destroy
on all my holy mountain,”
says the Lord. Isaiah 65:25
The notion that the wolf and lamb will join together because of the prophetic future that the sin of mankind will be lifted.
Some believe this scripture has come to pass. Others believe it has yet.
who is the Wolf?
Who is the Lamb?
some believe Judas Iscariot is the wolf.
Many believe that Jesus the Lamb.
The Wolf and the Lamb will feed together.
Though this passage references also deals with the kingdom age on the earth after the Lord Jesus
Christ returns to reign on the earth as King of kings.
The ferocious beasts (the lion) will live in peace, will live with animals they usually use as prey like the lamb.
All nations will get along.
This would be a literal reality of the peace on earth for all creatures.
The prophet also refers to the lion and lamb lying down together
God loves peace.
When he created the heavens and the earth, when he created man, when he created woman out of man, when he created all of creation, the animals of land, air and sea, he intended us to live in peace with one another.
Sin, led to the total opposite.
Sin led to us not being able to live together in peace.
Sin brought war, violence, and hatred.
One day when Jesus comes to reign on this earth, he will bring a temporary peace.
Those whom are around to witness this during the coming of Jesus will see all animals and nations living amicable and peaceful with one another.
Father God I know no one shall no the hour when Jesus shall Return. At that appointed hour, peace will be among this world. Peace between all nations, peace between all beings. I know that in the mean time, we are to maintain as much peace as we are capable of doing among our communities. to live and walk your walk as humble, loving and peaceful as possible. To be examples of your faith. To be the examples you want us to show non believers. As we live here in the flesh, we are subject to sin for we are not perfect. We make mistakes and are thankful for your forgiveness. I ask for continued guidance in your walk, continued guidance to lead by example, continued guidance in every aspect of my life. You know my struggles, you know my hardships, you know my pain. I ask that you can supply my needs to be able to be a better person. To be able to deal with my struggles, my hardships and pain. I have faith in you who can provide this. Amen.

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