Book Review: Isaiah 53 Explained By Mitch Glaser

Book Review: Isaiah 53 Explained By Mitch Glaser
Isaiah 53 – a chapter from the book of Isaiah in the bible from the Old Testament.
Before we get in to the book written by Mitch Glaser first let me answer who is Isaiah and why is important?
Isaiah is a biblical prophet. He is important because he prophesies many events in the bible that come to pass as well as to the coming of the Messiah.
Depending on what doctrine you practice your faith you may believe that He philosophized the coming of Jesus as the Messiah.
Depending on your practice you believe we are still waiting for the Messiah.
I believe that the one whom he prophetized about is Jesus.
I am not here to prove anything to anyone other than to Review this book, give my opinion and you can decide for yourself what you are to believe or not.
This book Isaiah 53 Explained was written by Mitch Glaser. Glaser is a Jew known as Messianic Jew because he now believes that Jesus Christ is the Messiah Isaiah wrote about in Isaiah 53.
This book gives his personal accounts to how he was showed that Jesus is the Messiah using the Old Testament.
this Chapter proved to him that the messiah prophetized in this Book is the Messiah the Christians speak of.
He goes back and forth references scriptures from both the Old and New testament and how they correlate one another.
He mentions that this book isn’t about converting anyone.
It is about showing the evidence, and letting the reader come to their own conclusion.
He starts the book by mentioning this book is not just for jews, but anyone willing to read this with an open mind and open heart. This book is meant for those seeking more, spiritually. To those seeking answers. To those whom want to find that missing puzzle that connects it all together.
Isiah 53 may just so happen to be that missing puzzle piece some people needed.
It is an easy read, with a lot of information with evidences from both OT & NT.
I suggest all to read, regardless of one’s faith.
I have been a believe that Christ is the Messiah my whole life. This Book explained in great depth some elements I did not see before. Whether you are a believer or not, I highly recommenced this book.
You choose for your self if the evidence is there or not.
I believe this author did an amazing job proving his theory.
The evidences are there.
Enjoy this book.
To get your self a copy of this book go to :

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