God’s Gifts in YOU.

God’s Gifts in YOU

“Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you…”
(2 Timothy 1:6, NKJV)

I have always been crafty.
I love making things. (soon I will post a blog of some of my crafts, but right now we are going to focus on God).
I have an eye for making things come to life with scraps and materials.

My husband has a good ear for music.
My husband is very technical and analytical.

My sister in Christ has an amazing voice.
My sister in Christ also is crafty.

My brother in Christ is a carpenter (no literally).
My brother in Christ can make magic out of scarps of wood.
My brother in Christ is a talented musician.

Where am I going with this?

I just listed things people are good at.

My brother in Christ, my sister in Christ my husband nor I are good at anything. We were given those gifts by God.

We have embraced our talents, which are gifts, we took those God given talents and put them to use to glorify the lord.

With My Crafts I am working on a fundraiser to sell shirts for our Youth.

With my husband’s talents he has technologically upgraded our church and we now can web stream and there is more to come with what his talents that are in the works.

My sister in Christ is also working with me to do fun fundraising using our talents. She also sings often for our local church.

My brother in Christ has not only helped repair, upgrade and fix our church, but he also plays the keyboard during worship and praise.

We have all taken our talent, our gifts from God and use them for his Glory. Yes we all have other talents. Yes we have other gifts. I did not list them all, just a few to set an example.

So take up those gifts from God, it is already within you.
Take that gift your good at, that trade, that skill, that art, whatever it is and use it in his Glory.

We all have dreams of doing great things, we can do those great things, God gave you these talents and gifts so you can succeed.
Everything we need to survive in this world he has provided.

We just need to figure out with his assistance how.

If you have had set backs with your talents, you probably did not realize it then, but that is not what God intended you to do with those gifts.
listen up closely. Take those setbacks as learning lessons.
Own your gifts and talents.
Pay attention to what God has laid out for you.
The blueprint and foundation is there.
You just need to open your eyes, heart and mind and follow his direction.
Stir up those gifts.

Give Glory and give God thanks.

He will pour out his blessings and make those dreams come to life, in his will.
Father God I thank you for my ups, my downs, my success and my failures.
you have given me gifts that I know are to be used in your glory. In you I know all things are possible.
In you I know I can hone and explore my talents. In glorifying you with my talents I know you will provide the steps I need to make my dreams come to life.
You will fulfill those dreams and those desire with those talents and gifts you have given me.
Thank you Lord. Amen.


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