Trust in HIM

Trust in him
Psalms 28:7: The Lord is my strength and my shield; in
him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I
give thanks to him.
I need to work on my trust skills a bit better.
Two days in a row, I casually bumped into two people I love dearly, and both of them nearly got shanked by me.
OK, so I am somewhat exaggerating.
Person 1:
I am with my son, leaving soccer practice, about to meet with my husband who took the scenic route to the rendezvous point.
While I am getting off the phone with him, I see from the corner of my eye someone approaching, as if they were going to snatch my son.
Instinctively the mother hen (or bear) in me went on full prowl mode.
I went to grab my son by the strap of his bag, and yanked him back with one hand.
My other hand was on its way to deliver a punch to the on coming person.
As all this was quickly transpiring, I noticed the met logo, looked at the face and realized It was a brother from my church.
Oops my bad bro.
We laughed it off, and joking told my husband I almost went on attack mode. (well I was ready to attack).
moral of the story: I should have trusted more in the Lord, luckily I listened when he said look and did not strike my fellow brother.
Person 2:
Person #2 works for the same organization I work for. Person # 2 is a long time family friend. He’s actually best friends with my cousins. Person #2 is loved a lot.
I am with a colleague on our way to get lunch, and person #2 grabs my arm and pulls back. My heightened senses kicked in and I grabbed the tweezers in my pocket ready to stab. (yes I was going to stab someone with a tweezers). When I realized it was the family friend I hugged, greeted ad kissed him with my more loving doting way than with the viscous attack he was going to receive had it not been here.
We laughed it off, talked about the plans for the next day where our family would be together and kept it moving.
Moral of the story: I should have trusted more in the Lord, luckily I listened when he said look and did not strike my family friend.
Both times I felt a moment of uncertainty for just those few seconds. Both times my senses suddenly became super alert, both times I was ready to strike. I was ready for my battle. Both times I listened to God before it was too late.
Despite the happy ending of no one getting hurt, the problem was I was so involved in what I was doing, I lost sight for those few seconds that God is always in control. I did not need to have to feel the need to defend myself at all. I wasn’t in harms way. Neither of the two would have hurt me. It just shows you the times we are living in. Always cautious, always alert, always ready for a fight. (or maybe that’s just the NY attitude).
Father I ask you for strength I need to trust in you more, despite the circumstances. To trust at all times you. You Lord are my strength and my shield; in
you, and you alone my heart should always trust, and I ask for your help to trust in you at all times, not when its convenient. Its a common mistake we all make. I thank you dear Lord for telling me to look, to turn, before striking. It would have been worse for everyone involved. I am thankful to have been able to hear your voice, hear your call, hear your directives at the opportune time. Guide me to put my arms down, and trust in you and you alone. Amen.

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