Poem: Commuter Rant

This poem was written after observing the differences between natives and tourists commuting.

Commuter rant:
Riding the subway.

Reading a book.

Couple next to me please lower your voices.

Please go away.

Seats packed, I want to move, I glance then look.

Tired faces.

Long shifts.




Stress and worry lines.

Some lost in their phones.

Some lost in their thoughts.

Some lost in their games.

Some lost in their shows.

Some lost in their books.

Do you not see?

Your loudness is rude.

We are all trying to go somewhere.

I do not mean our destination.

We use this ride to get away from this reality.

From our problems.

From our stress.

From our families.

From our work.

From the filth around us.

From the realities of daily life.

Please lower your voice.

It’s a distraction from our get away.

Please lower your voice.

We need these few minutes to escape before we get to our destination.

While you are here, enjoy the sites.

Take lots of pictures.

I know you’ll be in our shoes, when this vacation is over, and your reality sets in.


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