​ Catcalling while with Children.

Catcalling while with Children.
I boycotted a Barber I used to take my son to get his hair cut because of catcalls by the other Barbers at the facility.
So I know the owner and have addressed my concerns with him.
I felt uncomfortable taking my son there.
I felt (and still feel uncomfortable) when I walk pass by.
Don’t get me wrong the owner of is amazing, nice and humble.
I can’t say the same for the other guys.
During the summer months a group of young men who hang out in front of the property.
They cat call any female, regardless of age.
They tried this with me while on my way to the barber to get his hair cut.
I entered, told the owner, he claimed he would talk to them, and I told him I would seek services elsewhere.
A few weeks later I witnessed them catcalling other females whom were passing by, again I was with my son walking home. They made lewd comments as women passed by, if a female would ignore them they would insult them. Call them derogatory names. So again, I reported it to the owner, again he claimed he would address them.
These employees went from cat calling women and girls to harassing city workers.
One evening, not too long after the Eric Garner situation, a Traffic agent was walking buy giving tickets to vehicles double parked. One of the individuals from the Barber had the vehicle double parked out side the establishment. When they saw that the Traffic Agent was writing up the ticket, They came out, yelled derogatory remarks, dis respected him, ripped up the ticket, and threatened him. They amp’ed up people whom were walking by whom also joined this parade of slander. I quickly reported the establishment to the Management of the Building, The precinct and the Owner.
I am all for the supporting the BLM, because black lives do matter, as a mother of two black boys, I fear for their future and hope that change can be made where their lives will be looked as valuable as one of a white person, or even an officer.
These men, are not activists, they were not stepping up to the agent in defense to any injustice.  They were illegally double parked, were upset, threw in some slurs, slang, and got those riled up as if that agent started.  I can honestly say that agent was doing his job.  This wasn’t about a movement it was about some idiot being just that, an idiot.
As of today 2 of the 4 troublemakers are no longer working there.
The 2 that remain continue to cat call.
the 2 that remain continue to be disrespectful.
I’ve confronted them when they try cat calling me.
I am a mother of two, a wife, a respectable woman, a church going woman, I do not condone disrespect in any fashion. whether it is disrespecting me, or another person.
In general, when confronted with Cat calling, sometimes I ignore it, sometimes I say something. Sometimes I remind them I am with child and this is not the attention I seek nor a behavior i condone my child to witness. when I am with my children I grill them.
When I am alone I say something and give my two cents.
People should just learn to respect others, look if you think someone is attractive, look, observe, keep your comments to yourself.  There is no need to make anyone uncomfortable.  I get it your have your right to free speech.  I have a right to file a sexual harassment complaint for making me feel uncomfortable, for being disrespectful.
Gone are the days of empathy, class and respect.

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