Be Proud for your people.


I am very proud of my mentor.
I formally gave her a shout out on social media a few weeks back but I wanted to share this major accomplishment here. This is someone whom I have nothing but love for, respect and admire.
The only way I can think of showing how proud of her I am was by doing so the Brooklyn Way. WHOOP, WHOOP.
I have admired her since the first day I met her.
I remember, many, many years ago when I sat in her classroom as an undergrad. A new transfer student, sitting in a class of a Lawyer, her strong bold presence, she was welcoming and intimidating.
I was in awe of her aura.
Positive, vibes always poured out of her.
I was in awe of her fluidity in combining colloquialism with academia to make a point.
She kept it real.
She kept it positive.
I was in awe each time she spoke.
Hung on to every syllable.
I was in awe of her character.
I was in awe of her writing and teaching.
Even her Book, In Search of Bliss, (ya’ll need to read this, I can’t even tell you how many times I have read and re-read this book.
Reverand, Congratulations on your Ordination.
I have been so moved, so inspired and so proud of you.
I have been watching the clips of the ordination on the cyber lounge, I have been overwhelmed with emotions.
I keep wiping the tears of Joy.
I felt the Lords Presence with watching the clips.
You are beyond blessed Jah.
I knew then, while sitting as an undergrad that you were destined for greateness.
Now here we are, 2017, and you are being used by God, By the Son, By the Holy spirit to continue to spread your positive vibes.
You have been called, you have been chosen to lead.
You have been chosen to inspire others to seek his will.
This is only the begining of the greatness you are going to do in doing the Lord’s work.
You are going to lead an amazing ministry Reverand Jah.
I can’t wait to see where her ministry goes.
Much love and blessings to her on this new chapter in your life.
I will continue to pray over her.

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