I remember the day I first laid eyes on you.I was captivated.

Stuck in you like glue.

Being with you is what I wanted, I was motivated.

When you spoke my name,

And asked for my number,

I knew things would never be the same.

That night I did not slumber.

I thought you were the one.

I saw a future with you.

The rest of the niggas, yes I was done.

My love for you was so true.
I saw light skinned babies.

Straight black hair.

I saw us together until we reach our eighties.

I saw light eyes.

Someone I could speak my native tongue with for all eternity.

Yet so many lies….

I loved you.

I really did.

To you I was true….

What was done could not be undid.

I am happy now without you.

No lies, 

no drama

no tears.

Don’t come looking for me, 

while I am happy and free.
My kids, my husband,

they are my world.

i will never abandon them,

not even for you.


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