deepest wound is where the flower grows.

​Bart Gavigan, a writer for the film End of the Spear, once was Quoted in the book by Roy Petersons Set Free.  He said   “If I am going to write a movie about someone, I am going to find out what their deepest wound is, as that is where the flower grows.” 
Let me just repeat the gist of what he said… “deepest wound is where the flower grows.”
Glory to God for this allegory  “deepest wound is where the flower grows.”  do you know what this means? What this is saying?  At least how I am interpreting this…it is because of our pain,we can learn, grow and blossom.  Our wounds, like our scars are reminders of our past.  What we do in those circumstances can lead  to flowers growing.

My biggest wound was my infertility.

Spent 10 years believing science until I was reawakened by faith.  I was accepting that scientific result not  a final nail on my fertility coffin, but that my God, the God whom loves me even when i don’t deserve to be loved, that my God can show science who is king!
Take your wound, with faith, knowing that the Lord Jehovah god got your back.  

Have faith.

Be patient.

Tryst in god.

Trust in his timing.

Relieve his blessing and….

Watch the flowers grow from those wounds.
Father God I thank you for all that you do. I lift your name high. I thank you for these inspiring words  that you provided me while I read. Thank you for allowing  me to experience these wounds, so that my faith In you could grow.  Thank you for blessing me and giving me flowers which grew within my wounds.  My uterus was my wound, my children are my flowers.  Only you, not science made this possible.  Only you dear Lord. You allowed them to come into my life.  I humbly thank you. Amen.


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