Spread his message

​While reading Roy Petersons Set free, I saw a prayer within the forward and was moved, I need to share this. 
Prayers in the forward

 God, Your Word is more precious than all that I possess. Your Scripture gives light to my path and directs my steps. Through Your will alone lives are transformed and minds made new, So I now pray for all people who do not yet know You. For You’ve promised that Your voice by every tribe and nation will be heard, So equip us by Your breath to provide every heart language with Your Word. –  Mart Green Chairman, Hobby Lobby.

Let us utilize our resources and spread his holy word.  Use your social media outlets, your websites, text messages, emails, conversations, your actions and your words when interacting with others  Be of a testimony.  Be a tool to spread the gospels.  “But I am shy”…. So am I, yet here I am blogging about Christ so others could hear of his wonders. Sharing my stories and experiences, my trials and tribulations, because my pain, my struggles, my burdens and my blessings could be of a blessing to someone else.

Father as I pray this prayer with the prayer we opened this post states, your word is the most precuous thing in my possession, your word guides me, directs me, transforms me, makes me new. I ask  that you can help me, with your words, help make someone new. You asked us to take the gospels to all four corners of the earth.  Thank you for your blessings. I ask that as we spreads your words, that we could be of a blessing to others. Amen


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