Perfectly Made

Psalms 139:14
I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.
Mankind were made in the image of God. We are the only things from all creation whom look like God and were made physically by his hands. We were made to perfection.
Fast forwarding to millions of years after creation, we have entered an era of superficial societal norms and derivatives.
Gone are the days where Gods perfection was seen as beautiful. We are living during the times where people seek their own acceptance, societies own depictions of perfection.
You see it all the time, everywhere you turn, someone is doing a lift here, a snip there, a nip over here, and a tuck over there. Celebrities have long been famous for doing some nip tuck work to aspire to societal perfection. Regular folks have jumped on that bandwagon too.
Gone are the days of accepting the beauty God created in you. This summer we’ve been seeing the memes of Chicago cubs Sammy Sosa…Mr. Home run himself, how different you look today.
Sammy Sosa began bleaching his skin not too long after his Home run stardom.  Though to quote him, he claims he was not intentionally bleaching his skin, but using an ointment that just so happen to lighten his skin.  The man has said that himself, whether one chooses to believe it or not, it’s on the individual.  I am not here to judge the choices of those whom chose to alter in anyway the way God has made you.  I want to talk about self love, self hate and so forth.
Sammy is not the only one whom has had alterations to their physical form.  There are several others whom have taken the pathway to lighten their skin. Sammy you were beautiful just how God made you, you really didn’t need to do this. If it wasn’t intentional, you really didn’t have to continue mi pana.
I remember a few summers back, my nephew was about 4, I was sitting outside soaking up the son, for those of you whom don’t know I am Puerto Rican- a very light skinned Rican. I am married to a fellow Island folk from the Island of Grenada. My husband and his family is Dark skinned.
My nephew, has my husbands complexion and pigmentation. So I am sitting outside soaking up the son, hoping that I can catch a tan. My nephew sits next to me and asks “auntie what are you doing?” I responded “I am trying to catch a tan.” He asks “why?” I responded “because I love your complexion and I am trying to get as dark as I can possibly get.” My nephew thought about that for a few minutes, went inside, grabbed a towel and laid down next me to soak in the son. I asked him “what are you dong?”. He responded: “I want to lay in the son so that I can have skin like yours, light.”
My heart broke, my jaw dropped and suddenly realized my error in my explanation.
I told him that it was ok to change what you look like without embracing our exterior beauty from our creator.
I should have instead told him I loved feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, which is true, I love the summer, I love the heat, I love the way the sun feels on me and I do also love that I can tan.  I should’ve left that part out of my conversation.
I explained to him his skin was beautiful. There was no need to change his. My skin is also beautiful and there is no need to change mine.
The thing is, when we sit in the sun, the sun burns our skin, and darkens it. In my case, my fair skin, will turn olive or light brown, yours will only get darker, your skin will not get lighter. He assumed that if he tanned the sun would work for him the way it would work for me.
My children have a nice caramel complexion. I let them know all the time, they are beautiful, we are beautiful, our skin regardless of our shades (and between the 4 of us we have 4 different shades) are uniquely beautiful. We have to value and appreciate what God has given us.
Many celebs have had work done, the kind of work they have done include any variations of:
Breast Enhancement: Augmentation, Lift, Reduction. Facial Contouring: Rhinoplasty, Chin, or Cheek Enhancement. Facial Rejuvenation: Facelift, Eyelid Lift, Neck Lift, Brow Lift. Body Contouring: Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Gynecomastia Treatment, butt lift, etc.
Why the need to change your outward appearances?
Are you not happy?
Now the Bible doesn’t necessarily speak out against plastic surgery per say, since back then no one was getting plastic surgery done.
The problem we are facing here is the lack of self love we have.
Another problem we have is the lack of love for others.
We have entered a period of selfishness, greed, superficial obsessions and have fallen back on the things that truly matter in life. We are living in days where our lives are journal-ed on Instagram and Facebook, of course we don’t want to post ugly pictures, we want to post us modeling, our good side, looking for the right lighting, the right angle, the right backdrop to display my story, the right focus, the perfect filter…. all the superficial to complete our online journal. Suddenly we are all photographers and super models.
I am not saying we should let ourselves go nor am I saying we shouldn’t be presentable. No the Bible speaks on the our presentation, and it also speaks on those obsessed with our outer beauty vs our inner beauty and pure of heart. We should accept the perfect us God has already created vs trying to create our own perfect version of ourselves.
Society, racism, discrimination plays a role as to why people alter their appearances. Social norms are superficial, social norms are materialistic, these “norms” are destroying lives, destroying self love, adding to racism, discrimination, bigotry and self hate. The skin you are in is beautiful. White is beautiful, brown is beautiful, yellow is beautiful, black is beautiful, olive is beautiful and every complexion in between is beautiful.
I will not lie, as mentioned before I do love a tan during the summer months, love the embrace of the suns rays on my skin. I don’t mind the heat. I was born in the mid of the summer (8/1). I love the summer. I also love my complexion I am somewhere between white and olive, but can get olive brown if I get enough rays. I usually doesn’t, but I can. I don’t obsess over the need to darken my skin. If I catch a tan Amen, I don’t Amen.
We were made perfect in the lords eyes. There’s no need to change anything of it.
Father God I thank you for making exactly as I am. I am your child, I am perfectly content with how you made me. I pray for this suffering from insecurities that are brought upon due to social constructs and social norms of today. I pray for those like Sammy Sosa, whom were not happy with their outer appearance, I hope and pray they are truly happy with their exterior changes from within. I hope we as a people do not upset you or have offended you with decisions we tend to make. I ask for forgiveness if I have dear lord. I pray for humanity so that our social norms no longer hinder others opinions about themselves, I pray that we all promote self love and love for one another. We can all agree to disagree on religion, politics, faith, preference etc, but may we all find love and peace in society to coexist. Amen.

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