Book Review: ASSASSINS – By: Mike Bond

So I recently (a few days ago), finished reading this book Assassins. I must admit I could not put the book down. (Though adult responsibilities, work and kids stated otherwise).


Here is a synopsis about the author:

MIKE BOND has been called the “master of the existential thriller” by the BBC and “one of the 21st century’s most exciting authors” by the Washington Times. He is a bestselling novelist, environmental activist, international energy expert, war and human rights correspondent and award-winning poet who has lived and worked in many remote and dangerous parts of the world. His critically acclaimed novels depict the innate hunger of the human heart for what is good, the intense joys of love, the terror and fury of battle, the sinister vagaries of international politics and multinational corporations, and the beauty of the vanishing natural world.


Synopsis about the book:  (back cover)

From its terrifying start in the night skies of Afghanistan to its stunning end in the Paris terrorist attacks, Assassins is a novel of the last 30 years of war between Islam and the West. Based on the author’s experiences in the Middle East and elsewhere, Assassins reveals this unending conflict through the lives of an American commando, a French woman doctor, an Afghani terrorist, a Russian major, a British woman journalist, and a top CIA operative.
Drop by parachute into the deadly mountains of Afghanistan, fight door to door in the bloody cities of Iraq and the lethal deserts of Syria, the Sinai and North Africa, know the terror of battle inside a Russian tank, feel the power of love when at any instant you both can die – it’s all there, all real,in Assassins.
Did the Saudi government finance 9/11? Did GW Bush let Osama bin Laden escape Afghanistan and then lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq? Did Obama’s decision to leave Iraq in 2011 lead to the rise of ISIS and its worldwide fanaticism? It’s all there, all real, in Assassins.
Multiple thrillers and love stories, a dissection of our present geopolitical tragedies and a meditation on the deepest duties of a military man toward those he commands, those he loves, and the nation he serves, it’s all there, all real, in Assassins. (Mike Bond)



My Take:

As I stated earlier, I couldn’t put the book down.  This story is a good story with a political undertone.  This is   a political thriller with an attitude.  I won a copy of this book via a  giveaway. I’ve read many books which covers middle eastern affairs, terrorism and combat, but none quite like this one. This book follows the last 30 years of the Middle East crisis, the war between Islam and the west. In this book the author shows not only how these wars are linked by many key political players, in a never ending cycle but we also see how many of the characters are also linked as well. I loved this book. I love the details, I loved the relationships described between characters and I cried at the many losses. This is a good book, I recommend all read it. The only part that really, really got me, where I had to stop reading was during the 9/11 events which was mentioned in the book (which is obvious that it would be if you read the back cover and the mere fact this covers the 30 years of Middle Eastern crises). Having lived in NYC and witnessed the events unfold, having lost many during this attack, that whole segment hit me a little close to home.  I Cried a lot, it was a combination between what the protagonists were going through, as well as reliving my personal experiences.  I suggest if you like Political thrills go ahead pick it up and read it.  At first it start slow, there is alot of jumping back and forth between the characters, but you get used to that.


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