Lee Strobel’s the The Case for Christ

Lee Strobel’s the The Case for Christ.
When I received this book I was about to start a devotional series.
Something about this title caught my eye.
Something familiar about the author’s name caught my eye.
At the time I couldn’t pin point where I recognized the author, but as I delved it I realized aha, I have read some of his Articles in the past.
I have been raised in church my whole life.
I did have a few years where I ended up steering away.
My trials and tribulations were getting the best of me.
My trials and tribulations discouraged me.
I didn’t stop going because of gossip, or anything.
I stopped going because of life’s circumstances.
I moved away from the area I grew up.
Traveling back and forth without a car would have taken forever to get to my church.
I tried visiting other churches that were “near” but it would have still taken long to get to church.
I started streaming services to somewhat get the church feel, but that wasn’t enough.
Years later after having children, I returned home.
My circumstances, school, work obligations and lack of transportation and time kept me away.
now things are different.
My kids need this just as much as I do.
So I decided to read the Case for Christ.
I will not go into details, but in sum each chapter has a featured case study. The logistics of how that case either won or lost as far as evidence/approach and the specialists involved are concerned were applied to the Bible. The author wanted to know if you can prove specific events, if you can corroborate who Christ really is in a similar manner.
I found the reading to be rather interesting.
I found arguments and scientific evidences to be quite compelling and sound.
Historical evidences were contested as well as the credibility of the biblical texts.
At the end of this book I found myself more spiritually grounded.
I found my self academically happy since I find myself always researching articles and journals on several subjects of interest.
Questions that may have arisen in my life in the past, and even when i thought of circumstances in the past that I found were iffy, were contested, validated, and argued.
I was pleased.
I did exactly what the author asked me to do as a reader.
Have an Open Mind.
Look at the evidence.
Make your own private verdict.
The Verdict is in.
I feel a deeper, better understanding and have been inspired even more in my own personal walk with Christ.
Father God I thank you for allowing me to stumble literally upon this book. Your timing was perfect. This was not by chance that this book fell into my possession. I know I was meant to pick it up and delve deep and read. I thank you for this because I feel that this journey has given me profound understanding. This journey has allowed me to get closer to you. This journey has allowed me to think more. This journey is also allowing me to share this knowledge with others. Thank you. Amen.

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