Devotional: Killing Kryptonite Day 4

Devotional: Killing Kryptonite Day 4

I’m reading the @YouVersion plan ‘Killing Kryptonite

With John Bevere’. Check it out here:




Killing Kryptonite Knockoff Jesus

Today I will show you the most insidious deception that is leading Christians into idolatry—even right now. 

To do that, I want you to think of the story of the golden calf at Mount Sinai. If you remember, God had just saved Israel from Egypt through many powerful miracles and had led them through the wilderness to Mount Sinai. He spoke His commands to them, but they all shrank back and insisted that Moses go up the mountain to talk to God alone. 

While Moses is gone, the people lose patience. They go to Moses’s brother, Aaron, and demand that he make them gods to lead them into the Promised Land. Now, the word they used for “gods” is Elohim, which is used in the Old Testament to refer to both pagan gods and the true God, so we don’t really know who they are talking about yet. 

Aaron bows to their demands, fashions a golden statue of a calf, and they say, “This is your god, O Israel, who brought you up from the land of Egypt” (Exodus 32:4). We still don’t know which God they’re talking about, but Aaron makes it clear right away. 

He says, “Tomorrow shall be a feast to the Lord” (Exodus 32:5). Now when it says, “Lord,” what’s written there is the name, “Yahweh,” the name of God. Now we know who they are talking about. 

Here’s what’s going on: They are declaring, “Yahweh is our God. Yahweh saved us from Egypt. Yahweh is our Lord,” yet they are worshiping an idol. We must see this warning, because if they could have all the right declarations while still worshiping an idol, we can too. 

In fact, many Christians do this every day. They declare, “Jesus is Lord,” but they don’t follow Jesus. Just as Israel said they worshiped Yahweh, but followed their desires instead of God’s declared will, many Christians pick and choose which passages of Scripture they want to follow, and then ignore the rest that challenge them! 

This is creating a knockoff Jesus—an idol. It is not worshiping Jesus in truth. 

The question we must ask is, how can we know we are worshiping the true Jesus, not a knockoff Jesus? 


Associated Scriptures:


My commentary:

I have seen people do this very act, creating a knock off Jesus to meet their needs.  You see that vividely in the video.  Its’ not an alternative Jesus that we need in our lives to modify scriptures as we see fit.  Jesus will always be the same for all eternity. Gods word will remain for all eternity.  I do understand the assumption of “change with the times”, the Scriptures are to be applied to our lives; as we live them today, the same way they are to be applied for the next generation when they live their times.  It should not be conforming to social norms and stigma’s.  it should not conform social changes.  That is when the Knock off Jesus comes about.  We need to remain true to the scriptures.


Father God I thank you for this day.  I know with the changes of times we are tempted to change in how we worship you, how we interact with your or change our perspectives.  yet we know that is not the correct way to honor this relationship with you.  You do not change, you are the same God and will be the same god for all times.  I ask that we are able to discern when  we are in situations where we are truly worshiping you, or a knock of Jesus made to adapt and conform. Amen.


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