The Process continued

So today as part of the continued process I have been assigned by God, My sisters in Christ has joined me in a fast.

Today I sit with the surgeon to discuss time tables, process, procedure etc.

Today I get to process this whole thing that up until now I have been treating as nothing major.

I am laughing it off.

I am telling jokes to cope.

I am keeping in good spirits.

I am thinking about it yet not thinking about it.

My husband and kids need me strong.


I have a good support system with my immediate family and my church.

I did not go around telling people what is going on because I am in uncharted territory in my own personal life with this.  In my profession I know what is going, it is different when the health care worker is the patient.


Today I sit, today i wonder, today I pray, today I fast, today I praise, even when I am informed of what is to come….

Today I ask that you pray as well, for your loved ones, for those you know, for those you don’t know,  for those undergoing their own process.

I will continue to journal my events here…. I will continue for as long as God keeps me in this process…

continued from yesterday’s post The Process



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