Post op complications

So I had some complications 24 hours after surgery, had to be admitted Tuesday night and been in the hospital since. Now it’s Thursday and I’ve been discharged and feeling along better.

Complications started with my inability to breathe, felt nausea, felt hot, felt dizzy, then I began throwing up. I get to the hospital I’m automatically put on oxygen they run labs, urine, full work up.

The assessed the incision sites, it all looked good.

Then I had additional testing done…, I had spasms and obstruction in one of my organs. Apparently the organ was “frozen” still asleep post surgery. So it was causing all this other trouble and led me to the situation I was in. I was in severe pain. Every move I made. It hurt.

Eventually after I’v fluids and constant monitoring and exceptional care all was well and I was discharged.

Now I feel better, obviously still some residual discomfort but well none the less.

When my mom got home she told me about a shared story. When we found out about everything she shared my story with her colleague who asked if she could tell her pastor so her church could pray.

So she told her pastor.

Her pastor said wait how many masses and cysts she has?

She responded the quantity.

He said nope I only see one and when they operate you shall see.

When I was in the Er because of the complications my doc showed up to visit me in the OR. So I said, doc now that I’m not drugged up and I’m sober…. explain to me what happened?

Surgery took longer than expected because of complications in the surgery, but before we go there let’s start with the report:

I had a cyst on each ovary and on one of the ovaries it was 8.5 cm big, which needed to come out and was suspicious in the appearances based on the images. The other was 3.5cm big.

So he went in his goal was to get the big one since that was the most dangerous one. When he went in he didn’t see anything there.

He had someone pull up the images and review because I had 2, decent sized cysts that needed to be removed. What he found where one of the cysts were mini fibroids and mini cysts about to form so he began to remove and scrape, but he was puzzled that he knows a cyst was there but now it’s gone…. that’s all he kept thinking.

So he proceeded on the other side….to get rid of the big one, the big one rupture, so he quickly removed it and began cleaning because of potential toxins that may be oozing out. When he is done cleaning he sees the same thing he saw in the other one. A bunch of mini ovarian fibroids and mini cysts hiding underneath this big mass. It was undetectable underneath on all the scans…. for both ovaries.

He said appearance wise they look benign…. but he sent them to the lab and waiting on the pathology. But he said God is amazing that one was totally gone….. and he’s surprised that all the images and videos showed them (except what was hidden underneath) and now everything is gone.

You and I know what that was. God was working in me. God was working with me. I have a testimony to give and it’s that God still heals. He still works and miracles still happen.

So my mom shared this story with her friend whom shared my surgery with her church for prayers, she cried the whole time because her pastor said he only saw one….. and just like my mom just told her is what her pastor said. He only saw one. She asked my mom if she can give this testimony and my mom consented.

God is amazing!!!

Thank you lord for you have given me peace and strength in the most of my trials. I’ve never stop having faith. I’ve kept it positive despite my news, my research, despite what I was warned to prepare for just in case. I did prepare. I took up my arms and prepared spiritually along side my brothers and sisters at church, I fasted, I prayed, I praised and I let God manifest in me and around me in any capacity he wanted. I let it go and let him take control.

I also prepared in the flesh.

I researched, I did my paperwork, I made arraignments, I situated post op and recovery plans, I had plans a-z just in case.

I prepared my self mentally. So I could be of sound thought and mind no matter what happens.

God it’s true what the doctor had told me. I had a peace, a calm and positive vibe that was radiating. It is because of you. Father you are the healers of healers, the lord of lords, miracles still happen, you have shown me love, given me strength and been merciful. I know I don’t deserve it but you have been nothing but perfect. I love and thank you lord!

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