But My God….

But my God….. these three little words have Changed and impacted my life in a carnal and spiritual sense these past few weeks.

But my God… this phrase, these 3 words came to my prayer warrior chat in the midst of a spiritual attack. We may have had episodes of carnal distress in our attack’s, but we knew that our God was one to cry to….. to hear, to cry, to shout, to praise, to proclaim our anxieties our fears and our strength in him. The enemy may be stacking up cards against us to strike Buy My God is a healer, But My God is my protector, But my God is my provider, But My God is a miracle worker.

These 3 words… have been Empowering our prayers and pleas to our Lord. We are a sisterhood that fights together for one another and with one another knowing that no matter what we face, whether individually or together…. we will shout…. I don’t care what you have to say …. throw what you can….. just know those seeds of doubt you are trying to sow…. I have an answer for you…. But My God is mightier than you can ever dream. But my God is giving me the strength you dream you could take away. But my God is with me. But my God is my waymaker.

Powerful stuff indeed.

Especially when we are under spiritual attack.

When our faith is being attacked.

When your moving towards oneness with God and are becoming a threat to the enemy…..he wants to make you stumble….. but My God and my trust in him won’t allow it.

Today I experienced something…. pretty scary….. But MY God took my fears away.

Today as I was commuting to my job…. minding my own business…. thinking of my tasks ahead for the day…. something happened.

I departed one train was walking the subterranean level to the next platform to connect to my next train. I walked to the escalator. I started walking up the steps. Saw a young man, who to be quite honest…. something about him caught my attention. Something was off. Something didn’t feel right.

He was fidgeting.

He kept canvassing everyone’s face on the escalator.

I stood a few steps behind him on the escalator I did not want to get any closer than what I already was.

I notice in his left pocket there’s a handle…. that could easy belong to a number of things.

I am human. I know I am not one to judge…. but i too became extra observant. I studied the shape of the handle. I studied the color and the size. Knowing full well it could be something major or nothing at all.

I silently began praying.

Acted nonchalant about my commute and desire to get to my destination just like all the other straphangers around me.

I didn’t want to draw this mans attention.

Yet some how I did.

As the escalator reached the top he turned and faced me… then Slowly walked with a limp.

When I reached the top of the step…. I walked minding my own business and stood at the platform waiting for my stop surrounded by people. Not to far from the exit Incase I needed to run…. not near any of my usual standing spots.

See one thing about me is my father always taught me to be vigilant of others and movements. Know your exits know your escape routes…. have a backup plan And trust no one.

Then all my political / military thriller novels that i love to read also always has me profiling people in my mind. It’s a bad habit. Yet considering the times we are living in… could you blame me?

I stood near a familiar face of a stranger I don’t know…. but have seen several times on this route in particular.

The suspicious man kept pacing in front of me… looking at me ….. holding on to his pocket.

I was stone faced. Again no physical reaction… yet inside I know I was shaking. I was terrified. While I was praying I said Lord, please do what you need to do. I trust in you. This man is scaring the living daylights out of me but I will not let him see it. The enemy is using this man to cast doubt but my God you are Greater and I know and declare that you whom have promised to protect me will get me out of this.

Prior to the train arriving (approaching train was about 2 minutes away) the familiar stranger whispered to me, that deranged man do you know him? I said no. He said somethings off with him and he seems to be stalking you and yet you are not even noticing it. I said I am I choose to ignore him and let God handle it. He said can i place my arm around you so he thinks that your are not here alone, keep the small talk too. So we did….. then the guy paced and as the train was arriving he started to walk towards the opposite end of the Platform. The man said well your safe for now, I’ll stay with you.

I was alone, or so the enemy thought. BUT MY God sent me a familiar stranger to be my angel. He showed the enemy My daughter is not alone…. she will never be alone!!!!! I am a daughter of the mighty King.!!!!!

So this familiar stranger and I boarded our train. He was near me. We barely spoke. Inside I was praying and thanking that My God got me away from a possible I don’t even want to know. A few stops later, the middle car doors open and low and behold the same man appears. As he walks past me I notice the pocket which had this object was no longer there. My heart sank. And again inside I started to pray. He walked the train car up and down. Then saw me. He then stood across from me but standing in front of the doors near me. His right hand clenched on to something. His shirt was torn open. He was upset. He kept looking at me. The familiar stranger whispers next stop we get off and seek cops. If he gets off we stay and check that he doesn’t enter another car.

The man looks at us, looks at other passengers and you can see he is upset. As I prayed I said lord your will, will be done. This man crossed paths with me today again. Lord he is trying to instill fear…. which I will not lie he is, But my God you are greater and will take this fear and throw it to the depths of the sea. God you will rebuke whatever is tormenting this man. Lord I ask you to cover me under the protection of your blood, lord hide me under the covers of your wings. Lord I trust in you and know I will make it to work and back home to my children tonight. Lord you are the alpha the omega and no matter what the enemy is trying to do I know that My God will help me find my way. The train stopped. The doors opened…. the man fled.

The familiar stranger was also gone…. yet I did not notice him leave the train car. I finished my commute, and went to work. Thanking God for getting that man away. Thanking God. Once my nerves were settled I called my husband. Who asked me the same question you are thinking…. did you report it to the cops?

No I didn’t. Honestly I probably should have. Yes I felt threatened, I felt uncomfortable. I really just wanted to go about my day. I pray that man didn’t do anything. I am hoping I was more paranoid than anything else. What I do know is, God took care of me. God handled it, God told me what I needed to do.

Thank you father for your Grace. Trials, Tests, tribulations and attack’s from the enemy may come. I may be distressed to the point of tears, but it is with my tears and love for you, it is with my tears and my praises to you, that I know, that whatever comes my way, I know that the distresses will come, But my God hears my cries and pleas and praises arrive the foot of his throne. Despite my distressed moments, despite worry, fear, doubt may try to settle, BUT My God will find a way to answer and provide when I am in need. For that I thank you. Needless to say I will not walk in fear but as I have been instructed I will continue to switch it up. God you are so gracious. I love you and thank you. Amen.

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