“You have been set free from sin…”
(Romans 6:18, NIV)
We are free from sin.
Christ made the ultimate sacrifice to liberate you.
We are no longer prisoners to our afflictions.
No longer bound to our sins.
No longer do we need to carry the burdens of our past.
We have been liberated from that the moment you accept Christ, the moment you take communion and repent of your past sinful ways, the moment you take that leap of faith into the waters and become anew.
This month in America we celebrated our freedom from the crown.
The founding fathers were liberated from taxes to the crown, liberated from oppression, liberated to pursue religious freedoms…. they were free. In order to be free (aside from the way) they needed to openly declare their independence from the royal crown. On the 4th of July of 1776 America declared Independence….the vocally got up and in public declared they needed to cut ties with tyranny, and be liberated from the Crown.
Just as the founding fathers publicly declared their stance on their new home for their new lives, Christians need to do the same. Declare our freedom from oppression, addiction, depression, poverty, sickness and the enemy. We need to proclaim our king and declare our Independence from the enemy. Our Founding fathers declared their Independence and continued to spread the word despite an obstacles they faced. We need to do the same. Declare the freedom that Jesus has given us. Spread the word on his good deeds in our lives. Despite what obstacles come up, no matter what we may be facing. Declare that you are free. Declare that you have been liberated from sin. Celebrate your victory.
Celebrate Your Freedom
Father thank you for liberating me. Thank you for freeing me from sin. Thank you for taking away the shackles and chains that help me back in my other life. Today I declare my freedom. Today I declare my independence from sin, today I declare your victory. Gone are the shackles that kept me bandaged, I declare that I am free from all bondage, free from poverty, free from addiction, free from strife, free from doubt, free from substances. You have set me free, you have paid the ultimate sacrifice for me and I thank you for my liberating every aspect of my life. Amen.



One voice

One goal.

One country

Supposed to be united

Instead divided

Led by racism

Fueled by hate.

Migrants came to start anew

A better life



End poverty

Many had a sad fate,

Destined for greatness

Barred by the struggle

Yet they still have faith.

Why is it hard to be kind?


Nice folks are hard to find.

Faith…preserve your faith.


Why a war on faith?


Why a war on belief?

Suddenly many became judges?

Who gave you the right to judge?

Radicals of any faith cause damage.

Threatening lives

Scaring others



Fear of life

Fear of death

Fear of you?

Fear of me?

Fear of my brothers and sisters of color?

Fear of differences in belief?

Discrimination based on religion must end!

Muslims are not terrorists

Extreme radicals are.

Christians should not be condemning folks.

Christian radicals cause as much harm as any other extremist.

Turning backs on humanity as if others are beneath you.

Turn the other cheek

Love Thy neighbor

Regardless of where they are from.

One religious group should not be condemning another.

This land stolen from inhabitants now belong to all whom seek freedom.



Lying, cheating yet judging.

Abraham, Moses Jesus, Mohammad, Ghandi, siddhartha, Brahman. Ishvara


God, dios, allah

Torah bible Qu’ran.

Read them

None of these religions teach hate

None of these books promote hate.









Unity is what they teach

Unity is what’s needed

Back to the basics.

Back to loving

Back to respecting.

So many fallen defending you.

You disgrace those in uniform by your words, your actions and your hate.

Rogue leaders




Not caring about the 99%

Not caring about middle class

Not caring about the needy.

I love you

Despite not knowing you

I cry when you cry

I cry with injustice

We are one people

One race….


Blood sheds, it’s red

Heart, beats.

Thump, thump.

We need to stand together.

Fight the power

Resist to be humiliated

Resist to be taken advantage of.

Humble thy selves.

Love one another.

Respect one another

Pray for one another.

Shackles & Chains

Ever felt like you were trapped in a cell like Paul an Silas?Locked, trapped, shackled, surrounded by four walls?

Image result for paul and silas
We’ve all experienced moments where we felt at a loss. Trapped. Suffocated. Isolated.
We all face trials and tribulations, some are bigger than others, some can even leave you in a situation of imprisonment. (Please for your own sake don’t let it get to that point).
So how do we get out of it?

How do we face our trials? Our moments of isolation and imprisonment?
Do exactly what Paul and Silas did.

Have you not heard what happened?
While imprisoned they started praying and praising.

What good did that do you ask?

They were freed.

The earth shook, the doors opened, the walls crumbled and they were freed. The romans weren’t too pleased but that was the least of their concern.
During their imprisonment do you know what Paul and Silas did?

They prayed, they praised, they prayed, they praised and then they did it all again.

Then they were taken out of prison.

God got them out…. broke them free…. a biblical Prison Break.

The full story of the events mentioned can be found in Acts 16:16-40; verses 16-24 discuss the events that unfolded that got Paul and Silas in Jail.

Verse 25-About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. 26 Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everyone’s chains came loose.
Prayers and praising God during the good and the bad God can release the shackles that bound you, he can break those chains. In the case of Paul and Silas it was literal, he literally broke the chains and shackled and freed them from their bondage.
This shows that their is power in calling on the name of Jesus. There is power in praising God. There is power in keeping faith even when the odds are against you. There is power in the grand I am.
Father today I ask you to free me from this bondage. To break away the shackles and chains. God I ask you to shake the earth so your presence is felt. I am grateful for you dear lord. Grateful for the air I breathe, the life you’ve given me, the people in my life. I’m grateful and thankful for all the life lessons you’ve taught me along the way. Even when the odds it seemed were stacked against me, you showed me that no matter what I am here, with you, and you will surpass this. I Pray for you reading this. That God provides you with what you need to break the chains, break those shackles and free you from your bondage. Amen.