A New Day

Peter said to them, “Repent, and be baptized, everyone of you, in the
name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins, and you will receive
the gift of the Holy Spirit.
 Acts 2:38
I grew up going to church.
I knew growing up what paths I needed to take that would lead me to the waters and receive the Holy Spirits’ blessing.
It was almost as if it was second nature.
We go to church, we study the Bible, at age 12 we get baptized.
I have been baptized now for about 22 years. (shoot my age was given away).
There are points in my life where I have honestly felt I should be re-baptized for the sins I committed. That Old life that I no longer have where I constantly did things I knew I shouldn’t have are long gone. I repented for those actions.
I am grateful that my upbringings did bring me to where I am today.
Despite going off course, despite battling depression, battling illness, battling my greatest fears I knew that the solution would come as soon as I got back down on my knees, asked for forgiveness and repented. I knew my life would change the moment I put Christ back in my life.
The Holy Spirit manifests in us in several different ways. I know because after baptism the Spirit flowed and the blessings came.
As i got older and strayed away, so did my blessings.
I knew God knew that i still believed in him, I just didn’t practice.
I stopped praying, but still relied heavily on God.
He has gotten me out of so many obstacles that it was hard to ignore that he still had my back even though I was angry, I was hurt, I felt cursed, I was ungrateful really.
I went through what I went through to learn from it.
I went through what I went through to rekindle my relationship.
I went through what i went through to be able to talk about it.
I written about this before; but my children, according to science I wasn’t’ supposed to have them.
God said, I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end I will decide what my child will have.
So said, so done, both my pregnancies were prophetic to me, both of them were also revealed to me while I was pregnant (and unknowingly pregnant) by reading the Bible.
God Is good.
I repented.
I wish I could re-baptize but I know I have been forgiven and have received the blessings of the Holy spirit.
Another thing that has changed in my life is my husband. (no I am still married to the same man, or am I?).
My husband recently baptized.
My husband has grown spiritually.
My husband is a man I am proud to call my own.
His selfless heart.
His giving nature.
His gentle kindness.
His reasoning to finally joining me to church.
His personal decision on baptism.
I am proud of him.
He is not the same man I met 14 years ago.
He is though a better man, because we can now grow together as husband and wife and in our spiritual journey as God had intended it to be.
We are both different.
My faith is not the same as it was when I met him .
We are not the same as we were yesterday.
Today is a new day, and God allowed this new day to come to pass.
Today is a new day and the Holy Spirit guides our every move.
We have been baptized in water, Baptized in Spirit and have repented for our sins.
God is in control.
Father God I thank you for another day. I thank you for this opportunity to live my life in your walk. I thank you for your forgiveness, for your mercy, for your love and your blessings. Thank you for your sustenance and your guidance. Thank you. I want to continue each day as a new clean slate to do your marvels. I ask that you continue to guide me, to continue to show love and compassion. Dear Lord I love you and will continue to give you praise and glorify your name. Thank you for today, for today I am a different person that I was yesterday. Amen

God is great, God is Love

God is Love.

All I could do is cry yesterday and give thanks to God.

My son has a story of his journey.

A story where God shows love and mercy.

A story where faith is tested.

A story where God says I Am Emanuel (here with you).

A story that in today’s chapter God says, I love you. Now relax my children, your worries are GONE!

God is great, merciful, kind, loving, a healer, and with us.

From day one he has shown he is with us. I named my son Emanuel because of Gods faithfulness to us despite our sins, despite our behavior.

My son is strong and loving, though we have had complications, scares, worries, stress, concern for his well being. God told us, hey I told you I got you, keep faith.

Faith we do have.

Faith is all I need.

Love for our father is all I have to give back to him.

Thankful for God, thankful even for the trials and tribulations. Thankful for the tears shed, every headache and worry, for they made me stronger and got me closer to God.

Today I rejoice.

Today I exalt his name.

Today we proclaim victory.

I am thankful for our support at our church. My church family and leadership are some amazing prayer warriors, I am not sure what I would have done without  their support, prayers and words of encouragement.

God I thank you for this journey. This journey has taught me many lessons, this journey has tested my faith. This journey has recentered you as the primary focus of our lives. Thank you dear lord, for not giving up. Thank you for this lesson. Thank you father for our church. May you continue to bless our leadership and our church family.  Thank you lord for an amazing team. We are a team at IPJ.  Amen