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Be full in HIM

Be full in him
“These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.”
(John 15:11, KJV)
Jesus was sent here to be our sacrificial lamb. We was the offering for our sins to be forgiven.
He left us with Joy, he wanted us to be filled in his joy. He wants his joy to remain in us, to be filled in us so we can not only be filled with his joy but in him.
His joy is meant to radiate through our pores. IT should be visible. As believers we should be overflowing with this love and joy he has left within us with every step we take. We are to be kind, humble, friendly, eager to serve, help one another. We should be full with his love and joy. We should want to do our best to walk his walk. We should be filled in his joy, being filled in his joy is being filled in him.
Do not allow circumstances to bring you to torment, pain and depression. That is not what being filled in him does. Do not let your circumstances take away your joy. Your circumstance should not define you. Being filled with God, should. Recenter your thinking, recenter your directions, recenter your focus, change your circumstances so that you can one again be filled with the joy of Jesus which he left with us.
You do not want sips of his joy, you want to quench your thirst, you want to be filled with his joy.
Take a step in faith. Trust in God with your circumstances, with your future, with your life. Once you do so you will see internal changes, your feelings will change, your thinking will change, your behavior will change and you will reap from what he has spoken. you will have his joy and be filled with it.
Father God I thank you for your Joy. I thank you for filling me with your Joy. In doing so I know your presence is within me. You are here, within me. Father God I ask that we do everything our power to never let this joy leave. This gift you provided, I want to savor it forever. Thank you for your loving grace. Thank you for your mercy and generosity. Thank you for your strength and power. Thank you for the Joy that over flows my heart. Thank you for your blessings.

Be Joyful

“Let the saints be joyful in glory; let them sing aloud on their beds.”
(Psalm 149:5, NKJV)
We should give praise from the moment we open our eyes, still laying in our beds.
I am not going to lie, there are days I jump out of the bed, start my daily morning routines and i fall back saying Oh man I am so sorry, thank you Lord for this precious day.
There are days while I am still laying in bed, I cant help but begin to praise him and give thanks.
This morning I woke up singing his praises.
I sang a song while I did my morning routines.
As I got the kids ready, I continued to sing.
As I packed their lunches, I continued to sing.
As we headed to our destination, I continued to sing.
I am oh so grateful for what he has given me.
So grateful for his blessings.
So thankful for his love.
So thankful for my family.
Why not sing his praise.
Father God I thank you. Lord I rejoice your name. I thank you for all you have done. I will praise you until my last breath. I will praise you with my hands, with my feet, with every fiber of my being for your are so worthy of the praise and the glory.   I ask you to continue to give me the strength needed to continue to praise you.  I know there are days and moments where circumstances wish to block me from doing so, i ask that you constantly remind me that in the midst of my storm, I shall still rejoice and praise, for in the Morrow, more blessings will come. Today’s storm is a lesson that I will reflect on another day.  Amen