By my Spirit

By my Spirit
“…’Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the LORD of hosts.”
(Zechariah 4:6, NASB)
We all have places we want to go.
Places we want to see.
Problems we want to clear.
Debt we want to eliminate.
Goals we wish to achieve and aspire to fulfill.
How will you go to the places?
How will you see the sights?
How will you clear your problems?
How will you eliminate debt?
How will you achieve the goals you are aspiring, whether long term or short term?
Sometimes we are in a hole or a problem due to self infliction?
What? You ask? Me? Hurt myself? I would never?
Yeah… you would.
We all do someway some how whether we like to admit it or not.
The other day I #Yolo in my post. Not in referencing in we only live once so live it up, I did so reminding you that You Only Live Once, meaning what we do here affects us in our after life. The decisions we make affects our outcomes here and there.
So yes YOLO References will be made again in this post, why? Well it’s our Yolo attitude that leads us in to our problems. (Self inflicted, societal derivatives ).
That YOLO attitude may get you to places you want to get, places you want to see, even achieve some of your short term goals. The down side is, how’d you get there? You need funding? How much debt are you in living the YOLO life? Are you happy or are you trying to find things to fill that void?
A few days ago I posted about using vices and other means to fill the voids where I did not need anything to fill. What I wanted, what I needed was in front of me, beside me, around me and in me this whole time. Living the YOLO life can temporarily fill that void, but what about long term?
What about your future?
Your salvation?
Your after life?
Your retirement?
In our bible studies we ended our discussion about using our professional backgrounds and talents to be used in churches.
When we are guided by the Holy Spirit we can accomplish great things. He will let our talents grow and mature, he will provide, he will take us to places we never even dreamed of adding to our bucket list. It’s not by our strength, nor our power or our might. When guided by the Holy Spirit, Yolo will take a whole other meaning. You only live once, for Salvation…… Key word… Salvation.
Yes I only Live Once.
I want to make the best of it so I can reach the pearly gates and find my name in that book.
So my point here: The solution to all our problems rest in God.
How will you go to the places? – Declare it in the name of the Holy Spirit. If you are meant to go there, not only will he take you, he will show you how you will get there, Oh the so many places you shall go, is not just my favorite Dr. Seuss quote for life, but for my spiritual Life. Guided by the Holy spirit, oh the many places you shall go…both spiritual and in the flesh.
How will you see the sights? – Declare it in the name of God, the Holy Spirit will show you some great marvels of the world, as well as in the spirits.
How will you clear your problems? – Declare yourself problem free in his name. The Holy spirit will provide you the rubric to solving that problem.
How will you eliminate debt? Declare yourself debt free in his name. The Holy spirit will guide your spending, guide your thoughts, guide your actions, guide your game-plan to eliminate your debt.
How will you achieve the goals you are aspiring, whether long term or short term?
simple “…’Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the LORD of hosts.”
Thank you father for my dreams, aspirations, desires and goals you have placed in me. Thank you for creating the rubric, the building blocks and the steps necessary to make these dreams, aspirations, desires and goals come to pass. I know that you will guide me, to not only to see, not only to go, not only to save, not only to solve my problems, here in the flesh, but to allow me to see, to go places I never even dreamed of and be problem free spiritually. When I am weak, you make me strong father, when I am blind, you let me see, when I can’t hear, you open my ears to listen. Today I declare that in your name our goals will be achieved, in your name I bring forth healing. In your name, I eliminate debt, In your name I will travel and see. In your name I will be guided by your spirit, not by might, not by power but your spirit. I love you. Amen.

Seed for me….

“…For God has appointed another seed for me…”
(Genesis 4:25, NKJV)
What does If mean he has another seed for me?
Are we planting a garden?
Will these seeds bear fruit to edible vegetation?
He said he has another seed for you.
In these chapter of Genesis, Cain killed Abel. Cain killed his brother. Could you imagine how tragic that must’ve been for Adam and Eve to know that their son killed their other son. They had faith and with that faith God planted a new seed, Seth.
What we see here is simple. We have times where things are in a disarray. Nothing is where it should. We feel like all is crumbling. Trial and tribulation after heartache and more trial and tribulations. It’s here when our faith and trust in God is fully tested. He planted a new seed in Eve. In Eve’s case her seed was a new offspring. A new life to bear fruit. To be of glory to God.
Sometimes when we are going through rough patches it’s Not the enemy tempting us. Sometimes God allows things to happens to test our faith in him, our trust in him. Sometimes our rough patches are self inflicted. Cains jealousy towards Abel caused his own depression and was the reason his bitterness got to him. He didn’t put it in Gods hand. He took actions on in his owns hands. Had Cain repented, admitted his wrong doings instead of denying them he too could’ve received a new seed.
His lack of faith caused his banishment.
Eve though trusted, her trust allowed her despite her heart break to be able to start a new with her new seed (Seth).
When we pass through obstacles we are given opportunities by God to seek him, to trust him. It will always go one of two ways. He will provide you the seeds you need, or you will continue down that spiral until you come to him trusting in him proving your faith in him.
Dear reader, when life gives your hurdles you can’t jump over, when you go through things you do not understand, when no matter how hard you try you feel that nothing is going right, know it is not the end. Know this is only the beginning. Get down, pray, trust in him, he will give you a new seed. Not only will he provide the seed, but he will provide the space where to plant, the soil and fertilizer to nourish the ground, the hoe, hose, shears, watering can and all the spiritual gardening tools you need to plant the seed and bear fruits.
You my dear are that seed.
I am that seed.
Let’s open our hearts, mind, eyes, ears and soul.
Let’s trust in God.
Have faith in God.
Your future is dependent on that seed.
Your blessings are the fruits of your labor.
Your gifts from God are the fruits of your labor.
Your past will remain where it is at.
Do not resonate in the should have, could have, would have’ instead focus on how God can use you for his glory.
Keep praying, keep believing, keep hoping because God is for you. Trust Him, have faith in him and embrace the good things He has in store for your future!
Thank you father for allowing me to see that you will always provide the seed I need to bear fruit. Thank you for allowing me the lessons to grow closer with you. Thank you for providing me the tools and resources needed to tend the seed so that we can bear fruit in your glory. I pray for you person reading this, may this provide you the tools needed to begin sowing the seed God has just given you. Amen.