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A Levitical-kind-of-love

As Kingfishers Catch FireDay 3  •  1 of 2
This is Day3 of a three part series for a devotional that I read. It was deep it was amazing. I do not remember where I got this whether it was online or via email I copied and pasted it because i wanted to re read it. Above is the details of the author so that they may get full credit for this.

I posted the other two parts of this devotional yesterday and the previous day. I will though add a prayer at the end of the devotional and word from this amazing series. Enjoy.

Love, Love, Love

If we’re honest, most of us consider Leviticus dry reading, the kind of reading to do if you’re having trouble falling asleep or you’re doing some kind of forced penance. But not so fast. There’s something going on in those pages, something stirring.
“No single word in Leviticus has been quoted more often or in so many different contexts than this imperative verb in Leviticus 19:18: love. The word is threaded all through the rest of the Hebrew Scriptures and embedded on nearly every page of the New Testament. Love as a verb is personal, relational, comprehensive. Love is the primary verb in our Scriptures as a whole and in our language still.”
The uber-popular phrase these days is “Love wins.” But the question must be posed, “What kind of love?” And that question must be asked because there is the love we have for our trucks and cars, the love we have for musicians and their ballads, the love for sports teams, movies, pets, tacos, and the list goes on, doesn’t it? So if love does indeed win, and let’s believe it does, then again, what kind?
A Levitical-kind-of-love, that’s what kind. The kind that is straightforward without pages and pages of qualifications and loopholes. The kind that is direct and to-the-point and unconcerned with what’s uber-popular or not these days. The kind that loves a neighbor like we love ourselves, period, end of discussion, whether we feel like it or not. That’s the kind of love that not only wins, but conquers all, forever and ever, amen.

And to think we thought Leviticus was boring.

Just do it. Love your neighbor as yourself.
After day 3 I found where I got this devotional from: Thanks for reading through Eugene’s YouVersion Reading Plan! 

Leviticus 19:18 KJV

KJV Listener’s Bible



18Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I am the Lord.

Father God thank you for loving us. I ask you for guidance in embracing the “A Levitical-kind-of-love”. To be able to fully love everyone and embrace that ability. I pray for you to open my heart to love with all my might, so that love wins, so that love may conquer. Amen.

I am a friend of God

As Kingfishers Catch FireDay 2  •  1 of 2
This is Day 2 of a three part series for a devotional that I read. It was deep it was amazing. I do not remember where I got this whether it was online or via email I copied and pasted it because i wanted to re read it. Above is the details of the author so that they may get full credit for this.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow I will post this 3 day devotional. I will though add a prayer at the end of the devotional and word from this amazing series. Enjoy.


God’s Friend

We find ourselves living in a time when the common question is not “Who are your friends?” but “How many friends do you have?” The focus is on numbers, not names. This makes sense in our social media obsessed world twhere it is possible to have hundreds, even thousands of friends. Or at least that’s the word we use when describing these people although many we’ve never met in person and some we could possibly pass by in a crowd and not recognize. But they are our friends. Right?
Maybe not. 
Maybe we’ve gutted that potent word of its force, and now it is so 

common as to mean everything, or, in other words, nothing. We’ve rendered it impotent. It is interesting that of all the words that could have been used to describe this man’s relationship with God, the one chosen was friend. And the man was a particular man with a name – Abraham.

“Being a friend is the opposite of being an enemy. That simple contrast stands out above all else in Abraham. Abraham was on such terms with his God that he responded without suspicion and without fear. Abraham somehow knew that God was on his side, that God was for him and with him, a friend…To be a friend of God does not mean everything is cozy between you and the Almighty.

 To be a friend to someone does not mean you pamper or indulge him or her. Friendship also involves struggle and loss, tension and turbulence…A friend, if honest and true, will tell you things you don’t want to hear. A friend, if deeply serious about you, will do things that feel painful. Friends do that because they respect our dignity and honor our uniqueness.”
So instead of wasting time focusing on numbers, how about bringing to mind some names that fit the above description of a friend? Could one of those friends be God? What would it mean for you to call yourself a friend of God? What could it mean for you to live like that?

Friend is totally about a relationship, not a function.

James 2:23 KJV

23And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God.

Father God I thank you for being a friend to me. I thank you for allowing me to be your friend. Thank you the relationships I have built whom are all friends of yours. I want to build more relationships with like minded folks. I want to be surrounded by positive relationships that strengthen one another vs building one another down or using one another. I thank you for your love and your kindness. I thank you for allowing our relationship, our friendship dear lord to grow. I pray for you reading this looking for growth in your relationship with God, I pray for you to have faith and patience. Know I am a friend of God, he calls me friend, but you too are a friend of God, and he calls you friend too. Keep looking, keep searching, keep praying. The road is not easy, but he got this. Trust in him. Amen

His Thoughts

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a
future and a hope.”
(Jeremiah 29 11)
No matter what anyone thinks of you.
No matter what anyone says about you.
No matter if people claim you are destined for failure.
Have faith in knowing that none of that matters.
His thoughts of you is what matters.
All he wants is for us to have peaceful lives, he has plans to give us a future filled with hope not despair.
We have all been in situations where we were brought down emotionally by those we sought out council because in their eyes we were not worthy.
We didn’t meet a specific standard in their eyes.
Our abilities or talents were not up to par to their views of things.
We also judge ourseleves the way other’s judge us.
Man, I messed up pretty bad.
Man I regret what I did.
Many thre is no getting out of that.
Man there is no hope for me.
Geez, why? what now?
You begin to think your future is bleak.
You begin to live with that seed of doubt.
You begin to live with that seed of depression.
You begin to live with that sed of failure.
You proceed to live with that seed of self conviction.
What we need to realize is that our short comings, our mistakes are not powerful.
How others define you is not powerful.
These internal and external attributes we focus on does not define you for who you are.
God is up there, looking down at us wanting to give us a cocotaso (knock some sense in to you, in laymans term) and say, child listen.
I have plans for you which are greater than you can comprehend.
I need you to uproot those seeds of doubt, depression, failure and convitions.
I need you to let go of what was said to you.
All that is nothing, compared to the mighty things I can do with you.
All that is petty and Mediocre compared to what I see in you.
Your plans may have been ruined.
Your plans may have hit a snag or bump in the road.
God already has the answer with a back up plan, an alternative route, the gps is re-calculation, you just have to listen.
Open your eyes, humble your heart, open your ears so you can move forward with what God has instore for you.
What he see’s no one else can see.
What he has planned no one else has planned.
When you hear his voice, don’t be scared.
Tust in his guidance.
He will give you peace, love and hope for your future.
Father God I thank you for viewing me as your loving child. Thank you for accepting me and loving me despites my mistakes, despite my failures, despite my downfall. I ask, as I always do, to allow me to always hear your guidance and direction. To always be able to discern your vioce so I can follow your command. To allow me to uproot an seeds of negativity so that your will can be done. To be able to rebuke negativity entering my life. To not allow anyone’s opinion of their views of my personality to take away what you have instore for me. I am looking for peace, which only you can provide, with love, that only you can provide, with hope for the future you have promised me. I trust your holy name. Amen

Wolf & Lamb

The wolf and the lamb will feed together,
and the lion will eat straw like the ox,
and dust will be the serpent’s food.
They will neither harm nor destroy
on all my holy mountain,”
says the Lord. Isaiah 65:25
The notion that the wolf and lamb will join together because of the prophetic future that the sin of mankind will be lifted.
Some believe this scripture has come to pass. Others believe it has yet.
who is the Wolf?
Who is the Lamb?
some believe Judas Iscariot is the wolf.
Many believe that Jesus the Lamb.
The Wolf and the Lamb will feed together.
Though this passage references also deals with the kingdom age on the earth after the Lord Jesus
Christ returns to reign on the earth as King of kings.
The ferocious beasts (the lion) will live in peace, will live with animals they usually use as prey like the lamb.
All nations will get along.
This would be a literal reality of the peace on earth for all creatures.
The prophet also refers to the lion and lamb lying down together
God loves peace.
When he created the heavens and the earth, when he created man, when he created woman out of man, when he created all of creation, the animals of land, air and sea, he intended us to live in peace with one another.
Sin, led to the total opposite.
Sin led to us not being able to live together in peace.
Sin brought war, violence, and hatred.
One day when Jesus comes to reign on this earth, he will bring a temporary peace.
Those whom are around to witness this during the coming of Jesus will see all animals and nations living amicable and peaceful with one another.
Father God I know no one shall no the hour when Jesus shall Return. At that appointed hour, peace will be among this world. Peace between all nations, peace between all beings. I know that in the mean time, we are to maintain as much peace as we are capable of doing among our communities. to live and walk your walk as humble, loving and peaceful as possible. To be examples of your faith. To be the examples you want us to show non believers. As we live here in the flesh, we are subject to sin for we are not perfect. We make mistakes and are thankful for your forgiveness. I ask for continued guidance in your walk, continued guidance to lead by example, continued guidance in every aspect of my life. You know my struggles, you know my hardships, you know my pain. I ask that you can supply my needs to be able to be a better person. To be able to deal with my struggles, my hardships and pain. I have faith in you who can provide this. Amen.


I Am
“God replied to Moses, ‘I Am Who I Am…’”
(Exodus 3:14, NLT)
I Am, God replied to Moses he is I am. He is. He is everything you need.
In the midst of your sorry I AM your refuge.
In the midst of Joy, I AM the one who brought this blessing.
I am all you need. I am The alpha and the Omega.
I am the beginning and the End.
I am your salvation.
I am your hope.
I am your joy.
I am peace brought to you.
I am love.
I am in every breath you take.
I am your refuge.
I am your strength.
I am…. all you need and more.
Today, God wants you to know that he is the I AM in your life.
What do you need or want out of life? He is the great I AM and can provide you what you need and soo much more.
Dear Lord, Today I call upon you. I know you are the great I AM. I know you are my provider, I know you sustain me, I know you bring me peace, joy, love and so much more which I am incapable of understanding. I give myself to you. TO submit myself to do your will. To trust in you who is my all, to do your works and favors. I know have provided for me in the good times and especially in the bad. I will continue to rely on you and your guidance to move on my daily tasks in your glory.

Holy Friday

Image result for holy friday

Today we celebrate Holy Friday.  Today we commemorate the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at the Calvary. We Observe today as a part of the Holy Week.  Always celebrated the Friday prior to Easter Sunday (Resurrection Sunday).

In many cases; Holy Friday coincides with the Jewish Passover week.  Like Holy Thursday, Holy Friday is known as other names: Holy Friday, Good Friday,  Great Friday Black Friday and Easter Friday.

Whatever name you call today, we honor, observe and reflect the sacrifice God did.  This crucifixion of the Christ led to our sins being forgiven.  He died to fulfill the prophecy of the Messiah and paid the ultimate price so that Jesus can redeem us, God forgave our sins.

The story of the crucifixion takes place in Mathew 27, John 19, Luke 23 & Mark 15.  In these chapters we find not only the fulfillment of the Prophesy which Isaiah prophesied but the details of the crucifixion by these disciples.

Today let us reflect on forgiveness, for the Lord our father has forgiven us.  Let us reflect on Love, for the lord God loves us.  Let us reflect on the suffering, for in his carnal stage, Jesus suffered for you and I.

One of my many favorite bible versus is Luke 23: 24 Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Jesus while being crucified, while in agony and pain, despite the humiliation and the lashings was willing to forgive them.  Forgiveness was the reason He was on the cross. The words “Father, forgive them” show the merciful heart of God.

Please Forgive anyone who has transgressed against you.  Please forgive any offenses made towards you.  God was able to forgive, Jesus showed mercy in asking for forgiveness in his most dire moment of his life.  Let us all do the same.

May you enjoy the Holy Holidays, may it be spent in reflection with your loved ones. Praise be to God.

Father God I thank you, thank you for fulfilling your prophesies.  Thank you for our salvation.  Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice paid by your son.  Thank you for Forgiveness.  Thank You for completing what You started in my life. I trust that no matter how dark things may seem, You are my shining light of hope. Thank You for working behind the scenes to carry me through to the place of victory in every area of my life in Jesus’ name. Amen



One voice

One goal.

One country

Supposed to be united

Instead divided

Led by racism

Fueled by hate.

Migrants came to start anew

A better life



End poverty

Many had a sad fate,

Destined for greatness

Barred by the struggle

Yet they still have faith.

Why is it hard to be kind?


Nice folks are hard to find.

Faith…preserve your faith.


Why a war on faith?


Why a war on belief?

Suddenly many became judges?

Who gave you the right to judge?

Radicals of any faith cause damage.

Threatening lives

Scaring others



Fear of life

Fear of death

Fear of you?

Fear of me?

Fear of my brothers and sisters of color?

Fear of differences in belief?

Discrimination based on religion must end!

Muslims are not terrorists

Extreme radicals are.

Christians should not be condemning folks.

Christian radicals cause as much harm as any other extremist.

Turning backs on humanity as if others are beneath you.

Turn the other cheek

Love Thy neighbor

Regardless of where they are from.

One religious group should not be condemning another.

This land stolen from inhabitants now belong to all whom seek freedom.



Lying, cheating yet judging.

Abraham, Moses Jesus, Mohammad, Ghandi, siddhartha, Brahman. Ishvara


God, dios, allah

Torah bible Qu’ran.

Read them

None of these religions teach hate

None of these books promote hate.









Unity is what they teach

Unity is what’s needed

Back to the basics.

Back to loving

Back to respecting.

So many fallen defending you.

You disgrace those in uniform by your words, your actions and your hate.

Rogue leaders




Not caring about the 99%

Not caring about middle class

Not caring about the needy.

I love you

Despite not knowing you

I cry when you cry

I cry with injustice

We are one people

One race….


Blood sheds, it’s red

Heart, beats.

Thump, thump.

We need to stand together.

Fight the power

Resist to be humiliated

Resist to be taken advantage of.

Humble thy selves.

Love one another.

Respect one another

Pray for one another.


Sometimes I start rambling, writing, reflecting and then I forget about them.

Here is something I wrote a few months back.

A four letter word used without meaning.


A four letter word that encompasses so many feelings.


Where did it go?


Is it under my toes?


So quick to say but is it even real?


Is that really how you feel?


How did it fade away?


Was it ever here to stay?


How can you love and not love?


It was sent from high above


We are meant to love each other

Not let it drift away.

But here we are




Come back…. you’ve drifted too far.

In God we must Trust

I am going to post about something I have already posted on, with a current day feel. I will not be separating church and state.
It is Day number two since the inauguration of President Trump. I will put my personal biases aside against President Trump because I respect our political process and country. I respect the voters that went out to vote despite our choices for the Presidency.
I am proud of the organizers of the women’s march and the thousands of thousands of women whom participated. They have expressed their American rights.

To those whom protested that didn’t vote, you should have. This post will not be fully on politics but on a combination of church and state.
I feel aside from our electoral process, God wanted President Trump to win. Now I will not say he is not my president, for that is very disrespectful. We can agree to disagree on the issues. However, back to why I feel God chose this path.
America has forgotten its roots, the reasons the founding fathers came here and revolutionized. One of the many reasons they came here was to freely worship God and have the right to do so without fear, punishment from  government / the crown dictating what they can or cannot do. There were other reasons, but today, for this piece we are talking of the religious aspect.
How many of you feel qualified enough at your given trade / profession? How many of you feel qualified enough to give a sermon? To speak about the word of God? How many of you feel qualified enough to run for office or be President?
President Trump had his reasons why he ran, society (myself included) has even felt he is unqualified to lead a nation. However, despite our afflictions, many felt he was qualified, God included for he wouldn’t have let the man win. GOD Qualified him to be President.
Maybe the country needs him, to humble our thoughts and bring us back down to our knees to pray for one another, to help and love one another, to support one another and protect one another.
Where am I going with this?

How many biblical figures can you think of were deemed by society as unqualified? Can you name just one? Think about it.
Below is an excerpt from a previous post I wrote:
“Here are a few Biblical examples, of people whom society deemed unqualified but God qualified them to their destined callings that have shaped Christianity as we know it today. We know there are many more but here are just a few whom have been qualified despite being unqualified:

Jacob – cheater/ deceiver

Isaac – day dreamer

Moses – stuttered

Noah – got drunk

Jonah – ran from god

David – had affairs

Simon (Peter – Petros- in Greek means rock…go figure he became the rock of Christianity) – had a temper

Paul – murderer

Gideon – insecure,

Miriam – a gossiper,

Martha – a worrier,

Thomas – a doubter,

Sara – impatient,

Elijah – moody,

Rehab – a prostitute,

Samson – he liked prostitutes.

Isaiah – preached naked for three years,

Jeremiah – way too emotional,

Abraham – old

Lazarus – dead.

I – am human, I un-qualify myself daily and I am subject to sin

You? – (you don’t have to answer this to me, maybe here is a good point to stop for a few seconds for self-reflection…I know I have)”
Cheaters, deceivers, prostitutes and murderers, to name a few, were qualified by God. They have set examples, been redeemed for a specific purpose. They helped mold Christianity as we know of it today.
God may have qualified President Trump to bring us back to God. To bring this country running back to God. To have everyone on their knees praying to God. To remind every one that he is the Great I AM!
I am going to bring up more excerpts from my previous blog post. For I see they are fitting more so now than ever.
“God doesn’t call those, whom we think are qualified, He qualifies those whom are called!”


“He qualified a deceiver, a drunk, a prostitute, a womanizer, the uneducated…. ”

Why wouldn’t he be able to qualify President Trump they way he qualified many from the Bible and many of us in all our faults and lack thereof to be a blessing upon someone else in the name of God.
When Paul wrote to the Corinthians, he told them in 1 Corinthians 1:26 (ESV) “For consider your calling, brothers: not many of you were wise according to worldly standards, not many were powerful, not many were of noble birth.”
President Trump was chosen, unfortunately not by the electoral college, not just by his supporters, but by God. By worldly standards he is unqualified, God allowed him to win. God sees something we can’t yet fathom.
He was chosen despite many of us (myself included) whom felt that he had lack of education, lack of understanding the political process, beside the lack of experience in politics, besides the lack of knowledge in political theories, ideologies and rules of though, the societal norms of politics have changed with this elections. Why? Not because the people spoke, God spoke.
Don’t let society’s standards take you back. God wants his people to come back to him, remember him, love him, he also wants his people to love one another, care for one another, pray for one another, protect one another.
We do need to bring God back in America, not just as a Christian, but for those with other religious sentiments. All of our rights need to be protected. Let’s unite as one in the issues that matter.

Yesterday’s woman’s march was symbolic to say the least.


Me being a woman, I should matter.

I should be respected as equally as men are respected

My reproductive system I should decide what happens not man.

Pro choice or pro life? That should be up to me to decide not mandated by anyone else. If I make the wrong choice I should face my judgement at the thrown of God not of man.

To take away my right to healthcare due to pre existing conditions is just as barbaric.

My wages should match that of a man dollar to dollar, not 50 cents to the dollar, not 75 cents to the dollar, but dollar to dollar.

My rights matter.

I am a Christian, a woman, a mother, a provider and I am here. I matter.

My life matters.

Women’s lives matters.

Black lives matters.

Christian lives matters.

Muslim lives matters.

Buddhist lives matters.

Hindu lives matters.

Jewish lives matter.

Asian lives matter

Latino lives matters.

Indian lives matter.

White lives matter.

Government official lives matter.

Officers lives matter.

Firefighter lives matters.

President Trumps life matters.

All lives matter.
God loves us all.

We all have the ability to do our part to enter the gates of Heaven.
Politically we can all agree to disagree. In regards to religion we can agree to disagree.

Respect one another, love one another, protect one another, guide one another. We must respect the leader of the “free world”. Set our differences aside. Let’s see what he will do and stand up to defend our people when we have to.
Today I will pray for President Trump, for First Lady Trump, for VP Pence, for their families, for the many activists fighting for America and for All of America. God I ask you protect everyone. That you guide us all for the next four years. May you take charge and manifest everyone’s minds and hearts. I am not asking for acceptance, but for guidance. Guide us lord towards prosperity. Not just for the 1% but the 99% as well. Guide this country to seek you and do your will. Guide us lord, for I know you have qualified Trump the way you have qualified Jacob, Moses, Rahab and others. God you are in total control. I ask that you protect our leaders on government. I ask that you guide their hearts to make the right choices for their constituents. I ask that you protect us, we the people, regardless of race, class, preference, religious affiliations and so forth. I pray that America comes back to you. God give us the strength needed to carry on your work, using all of our talents in the various areas of specialty so that your will be done. Whether civically or spiritually, guide us all to fulfill your will Amen.