I remember the day I first laid eyes on you.I was captivated.

Stuck in you like glue.

Being with you is what I wanted, I was motivated.

When you spoke my name,

And asked for my number,

I knew things would never be the same.

That night I did not slumber.

I thought you were the one.

I saw a future with you.

The rest of the niggas, yes I was done.

My love for you was so true.
I saw light skinned babies.

Straight black hair.

I saw us together until we reach our eighties.

I saw light eyes.

Someone I could speak my native tongue with for all eternity.

Yet so many lies….

I loved you.

I really did.

To you I was true….

What was done could not be undid.

I am happy now without you.

No lies, 

no drama

no tears.

Don’t come looking for me, 

while I am happy and free.
My kids, my husband,

they are my world.

i will never abandon them,

not even for you.


Tourist Dance

As a native New Yorker I am used to the crowds, used to the sites, used to the visitors.  What I could never get used to is the sudden stops, the not paying attention, the collisions that almost happen.  We operate here on a whole other time schedule than the rest of the world it seems.  New Yorkers we are always on the go. So to help prevent the collisions with the tourists whom are not paying attention to their surroundings in awe and mesmerized by our beautiful city, we have a dance just for you.

Tourist Dance
The city that never sleeps.

Oh how I love thee.

The thought of leaving you makes me weep.

Your gentle and embracing vibes.

There’s so much to do here and so much to see.

From all over the word many come with their tribes.
Our streets are packed,

People everywhere.

And when they are here we are sure to act.

They are here and they are there.

Lord there’s people everywhere.
Us natives have this special dance.

So that walking we do not clash.

As soon as we see it within that first glance.

We get it started in a flash.

We zig,

We zag,

We do a little jig.

We zag,

We zig,

We do a so with some swag.
We dab left.

Sharp right.

We do it with so much zest.

We dab right.

We swing left.

We avoid you with all our might.
Our dance for you is one of a kind.

Our dance for your well being.

It’s because dear tourist you quickly become so blind.

You get absorbed in the sights you are no longer seeing.
We have families to get to.

We can’t wait on you.

The fast paced lives is our thing.

It is ingrained within

We have places to be,

People to see.

A bus, train, ferry or cab to catch.

We can’t sit back while you light a match.

We can’t sit back while your taking a glance.

It’s for you we have this dance.

So when we have to get to where we have to go,

In our fast past walks,

You do not get hot with a blow,

For your sudden stops.


Dedicated to those whom were taken too soon at Pulse and to the survivors whom were fortunate enough make it out alive.
Thud, Thump, thud.
My hearts song live.
Thud, thump, Thud.
My heart finds its beat.
Thud, thump, thud.
Love is all I have to give.
Thud, Thump, Thud.
The rhythm which pulsates through me is so sweet.
Thud, Thump, thud, bang.
A year ago today, many lives were taken.
Thud, Thump, bang, bang.
A year ago today, many fears were awaken.
Thud, Thump, bang, bang.
A year ago today many lives where shaken.
smash, crash, thud thump.
A year ago today, many hearts were broken.
Today survivors replay that horrible night.
Knowing full well that what was done was not right.
Lives destroyed.
Families in pain.
Many keep busy, they just want to avoid.
The memories of the stains.
Regardless of one’s belief.
Difference of opinions should not make it right.
To take someone Else’s life.
Purple, Pink, Orange, yellow, Green Blue.
Because of the Pride in their flag.
It is not up to you.
Purple, Pink, Orange, yellow, Green Blue.
To them, they are more true than you.
They are open and honest of whom they are.
accepted or not, they are people too.
Sine bright, shed love, shed peace for all.
Families of Pulse, my heart and prayers goes out to all of you.

Una Poesia sobre la perdida

Estoy confiada que dios tiene sus meta y proposito.
No hay que dudar, ni que estar desmayado.
No hay que clamarle para recibir explicaciones.
Dios sabe porque lo Hizo.
Esa razón no Es nuestra en saber.
Se Que el ha oido nuestros clamores, las Puertas De Los cielos se abrio, todo estaba preparado, pues la orden el lo dio, no dudes, no temes, se que estuvimos sumergido en llantos….
Pero la Gloria de dios estaba manifestando….
En nuestra lamentos carnal tenemos que entender todo tenia su proposito.
Hoy estaremos llorando, Triste, pero Esos sientimientos son temporarmente….
Aun una mañana habra Algeria, sonrisas y confianza en Dios…
Fe que nunca nos dejo….
Fe que mientras nuestro querido hermano caminaba hacia la Luz, que no sufrio, quisas lamento porque no pudo despedirse, pero tengo fe que no tenia dolor, no sufrio, se fue caminando hacia la Casa de dios con Paz.
Siempre vas a ser falta su presencia, Los cuentos, Los chistes, Los risas, Los buenos tiempos. Pero su memoria viviras.


Blood.It Trickles through your veins

It’s exit can cause quit a stain.

His blood saved you from your sins

So you could now have peace within.

Oxygen and nutrients flows through out the body

His shed, and saved everybody.
It’s blue, it’s red.

It’s sight may cause dread

Signs of life

Signs of death

Despite all the anguish and pain

He paid the ultimate price

His blood shed

So you can be spared

Thankful for his love