Giving credit to whom credit is due

Giving Credit To Whom Credit Is Due By Darla Noble from Daily Bible Inspirations

Two men claimed to have developed a particular variety of apples. One of them was being untruthful, but which one? It wasn’t until the judge asked the men to explain the process they used to develop this new fruit that he knew who was telling the truth…and who wasn’t. The man who deserved credit for his ingenuity and hard work spoke passionately and in great detail. The other man’s explanation was vague, lacked important details, and he misused terminology even a novice botanist would know.

We never have to have a single doubt as to the Giver of life and all that we have. It is God. We never have to have a single doubt as to who the Creator and Master of the universe is. It is God. We never have to have a single doubt as to who cares for us, protects us, comforts us, and showers us with His amazing love and immeasurable blessings. It is God.

Give thanks to God always for these amazing gifts!

Pray: Thank you, God for who You are, for Your mighty power, and Your amazing love. In the name of Jesus, I pray, Amen.

Questions for reflections from the article and my feedback:

◦ Today’s verse tells us to honor God with thanksgiving when he delivers us from our trouble. What trouble has God delivered you from?

Recently (two days before thanksgiving) our car broke down. Perfect timing too right?(sarcasm). Yet that experience though financially painful (not only did we need to replace the engine but we needed a car to get around so had to get a rental), but it was stressful around the holidays when one is trying to get gifts for loved ones. The week before Christmas, 3 weeks after our car broke down, our prayers were answered and God delivered us from this trouble. We were humbled, we were thankful, we were grateful. Our beloved pastor, not knowing the extent of our financial burden, but suspected, was moved to give us a monetary Christmas gift when we needed it the most. We didn’t tell anyone how much was needed to last the week, we didn’t tell anyone we had nothing, no food, no gas money to refuel, we were trying to keep faith and knew it would work itself out. Correction God would help us work it out.

◦ How did you express your thanks to him for doing so?

In our car fiasco we thanked God first, then in an emotional breakdown my husband thanked the Pastor with tears of gratitude for the help he provided us with. Aside from the Pastor my family who knew to an extent what we were dealing with as far as car rentals and cost of repair helped tremendously. We thanked each and everyone one of them, starting with praising God, for moving these hearts.

◦ What are you thankful for?

Make a list and then take the time to say thank you to God for each specific thing.

What I usually do is have a mental checklist of what I am thankful for. In my prayers I tell God specifically what I am thankful for. Father thank you for waking me today, thank you for the fresh of breath air that I breathe, thank you for my spouse, thank you for my children, thank you for my parents, thank you for my siblings, thank you for my in-laws, thank you for my nieces and nephews, thank you for my church, thank you for……

Father you know my struggles, you know my pain, you know my triumphs- because they are your triumphs as well. I thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do for my family and I. We will forever glorify your name dear lord. Amen.


Swimming against the currents.

Swimming against the currents.

The Courage to Swim Against the Current – Jer. 38:1-13
What we see here in Jeremiah is how to swim against the currents in order to avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
Where am I going with this?
Lets explore what happened here.
The prophet Jeremiah (38 v2-3) made a prophesy ” “So says the Lord,
‘He who remains in this city will die by the sword, by famine, and by
virulent disease (pestilence), but he who goes out to the Chaldean’s [of
Babylon] will live and have his [own] life as a reward and stay alive. Thus says the Lord,
‘This city will certainly be given into the hand of the army of the king of Babylon and he will take it.’
When the Princes’ heard this prophesy by Jeremiah, they wanted to denounce it immediately, they wanted him killed.
They didn’t want to loose their land, they didn’t want to believe in this prophesy. So they begged the King Zedekiah to Kill Jeremiah.
The king didn’t order him to be killed, but instead told them to handle it themselves.
What did Jeremiah do?
he complied.
The princes’ lowered him into a cistern and left him there to die.
Jeremiah complied. He swam again the currents, metaphorically speaking since this cistern was dry and muddy, he said nothing, he did nothing, he did not fight, did not resist, he did not do anything. Nothing.
Had it not been for Ebed-melech the Ethiopian (Cushite), one of the eunuchs who was in the king’s palace, whom pleaded to free Jeremiah, he could have died. Ebed-Melech found some garments and went to the rope which brought Jeremiah down, and helped him out of the cistern.
Think for one second what Jeremiah was probably doing as he awaited his fate.
What would you have done?
Would you have fought back?
Screamed for help?
Try to escape?
Try to climb out of this cistern filled with mud?
Claw, and Climb and eventually slid back down for your futile attempts to save yourself?
I am sure many would have attempted.
Many would have fought back, Jeremiah I believe didn’t.
Jeremiah is known for being a man who had direct communion and reverence with God.
He prayed and cried a lot!
He prayed.
I believe in the bottom of the cistern He prayed.
He spoke to God.
God calmed him.
God said trust me kid, I am going to get you out of here, and when you come out you will deliver this message for me.
If you continue to read the rest of Chapter 38, you will find yourself reading that after he was taken out, the King asked to speak with Jeremiah.
He spoke to the king, he told him his prophesy, he even told him how he could be saved when the Chaldean come to take over.
Only God could have provided a dutiful prayer warrior with the calm, patience, and words in a time like that.
I believe, in the bottom of the cistern, He prayed.
Despite the temptation to panic.
Despite the unknown.
He put all his faith and trust in God.
God not only provided Ebed-Melech to get him out, but he also provided him the words he needed to speak to the King.

“A man’s steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone

understand his own way?” Proverbs 20:24

Jeremiah understood that. He understood only the Lord could take him out of his situation.
Many of us waste away our lives in the fear of the unknown, in fear of the “inevitable” in fear of our circumstances.
We should be living in our faith, trusting in our faith.
That regardless of what happens.
Whether we are dumped in a muddy cistern or a cistern fill with water.
We need to have faith in Abba father.
We need to swim against the currents….. The currents might be pulling us to panic, to attempt to save one selves, but swimming against the current means to put it all in God’s hands. Trust in God, have faith in God.
Sometimes we need to do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
In trusting God, despite our circumstance, God can show you that 1) I am here 2) I will provide 3) keep trusting in me.
Ebed-Melech is a great example of how God used an ordinary person employed by the King with extra-ordinary courage. It took great courage to stand up before the King to plea for Jeremiah, when all the odds were heavily stacked against Jeremiah. All the odds were heavily stacked against him for even pleading for his prophet. Yet he did. He too swam against the currents. He was instructed by faith and courage to swim against the currents on behalf of a man of God. Ebed-Melech took a risk. He faced being criticized, being punished or even landing a spot next to Jeremiah. He risked it. He took a chance. He spoke against the evil deeds done by the prince’s accusations against Jeremiah.
Like Jeremiah, we all face criticism at one point or another. Just know that being criticized is not a problem, because it will always be there, now if you develop a positive way of dealing with it, then you know you are already swimming against the current.
“I do the very best I can, I mean to keep going. If the end brings me out all right, then what is
said against me won’t matter. If I’m wrong, ten angels swearing I was
right won’t make a difference.” – Abraham Lincoln.
Though this article gives the life cycle and process of a salmon; if you can pur your self in place of the salmon in this story you can take light the message in swimming against the currents.
For instance, in the article it mentions the following questions to place things in perspective:
How do we cultivate enough presence to identify these ‘personal obstacles’ where we get caught in our own eddy’s?
As we continue to swim upstream can we learn not to overly identify with the obstacles as they arise?
What tools do we each find that supports us to stay afloat when the
intensity of illusion and suffering seem to take up the space of the
ocean inside of us?
How how do we take these questions from the article to help our spiritual growth and swim against the currents?
How do we cultivate enough presence to identify these ‘spiritual obstacles’ while swimming against the currents and not giving in to the flesh or social norms?
As we continue to swim upstream can we learn not to overly identify with the obstacles as they arise, can we put our trust and faith in God and let him provide the solution?
What tools do we each find that supports us to stay afloat when the
intensity of our circumstances and suffering seem to take up the space of the
ocean inside of us?
How can we rely on His word, faith, and trusting in him to continue to swim, despite the criticism, despite doing nothing and saying nothing regarding the situation?
Father God I thank you today, tomorrow and always for all that you do and continue to do for our families. We are facing a hurdle right now and we are trusting in you to guide us. Many expect us to swim with the currents, but swimming against the currents towards you is always a better option. Lord I ask for you to send an
Ebed-Melech our way to help is in this situation. Lord I will trust in you for guidance and to overcome. For I know in you victory shall be ours. Amen.

Called 2 Serve


I have a Testimony I want to share with my fellow bloggers and readers.
I shared this with the Pastor of women’s ministry, but I had to share with you.
As many of you may know from one of my recent posts, I have been fairly occupied on relief efforts and family within these past few weeks. I have been working on some of my writings but I haven’t focused in them as mush as I did.
Despite being busy I have been documenting things because I want to share how amazing God is.
In planning my relief efforts with my church I reached out to 3 organizations to help transport the goods to the islands.
I spoke with the Lead from the group who was sending relief efforts for the islands (st Martin and neighboring islands).
I spoke to a local legislator and grassroots non profit organization whom have been mobilizing to send goods to PR Dr & Mexico.
I have also spoke to a friend who’s in s fraternity which I will not disclose for privacy reasons and respect, who with his fraternal organization and fathers missionary are sending goods to the remote hard to reach mountainous regions of PR.
Since Maria hit I have been reaching out to these individuals
I’ve been calling them every few days to make sure we still are a for distribution / pick up after our event.
So a few days prior to the event, I left another message for the coordinator, that day she called me herself and was like “hey, the staff said your church has begun separating and boxing everything ahead of time”.
So I explained to her what’s the game plan for the event we had on the 14th and how schools and the church will be collecting and we will be dividing the goods between both relief efforts for the other islands and Pr.
She then was beyond humbled and grateful because everyone else who’s donated directly to her haven’t separated anything which has taken a lot of time from the staff.
So she was going to send an email to patients not to bring clothes, but she said since we’ve already begun to separate she will take all the clothes we collect, plus whatever else we give them. She then said to me “I am curious what church is organizing this?”
When I told her our name she said “oh wow, God is so good, and works in mysterious ways.” I said that he does, then she said “she goes to (she stated the name to her church) In SI.”
I got emotional as well. She said “wow God using fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to help with this mission, she said she is beyond humbled. It is amazing how God unites people for a reason.”
Her original intention was to meet us at our event. Unfortunately conflict scheduling didn’t lead to that but what did happen was oh so magical.
As we got closer to the date we kept in communication to coordinate drop off/ pick up. She was so eager to meet the Pastor for opening the doors to the church to help with these efforts! She kept saying she wants to hug us all.
God is sooo good.
I’m crying again just retelling this …: this was my third confirmation that week that what we are did was worthwhile.
The Sunday prior to having this conversation with this woman of God to continue to work on logistics, I asked God to please tell me, did I bite more than I can chew? Can you (God) guide me?
I continued to ask God “Tell me something to know that I am doing what you called me to do.”
  • Twice on Sunday he said only one word. Patience.
So I asked for guidance. He answered Patience. I had to sit and be patient.
The next two days was a Monday and Tuesday one of my sisters in Christ not knowing my plea sent me devotionals indicating that we are meant to serve.
These devotionals were the answers I was looking for.
I cried instantly…. because I knew he was telling me was true.
The first devotional she sent me was this:
By Rick Warren
“It is he who saved us and chose us for his holy work not
because we deserved it but because that was his plan.” (2 Timothy 1:9a
What struck out from this devotional were the following: (hyper linked the title for your review the whole
“You were saved to serve God. The Bible says, “It is he who saved us and chose us for his holy work not because we deserved it but because that was his plan” (2 Timothy 1:9a TLB).”
“God redeemed you so you could do his “holy work.” You’re not saved by service, but you are saved for service. In God’s Kingdom, you have a place, a purpose, a role, and a
function to fulfill. This gives your life great significance and value. “
While I read this I cried.
My friend stated that this whole devotional reminded her of me.
She stated this is what made her think of me “If you have no love for others, no desire to serve others, and you’re only concerned about your needs, you should question whether Christ is really in your life. A saved heart is one that wants to serve.”
He told me to be patient.
He answered my question.
I am a saved heart that wants to serve.
On Tuesday my same sister in Christ sent me the following:
By Rick Warren
“It is God himself who has made us what we are and given us
new lives from Christ Jesus; and long ages ago he planned that we should
spend these lives in helping others.” (Ephesians 2:10 TLB)
“God calls you to a service far beyond anything you could ever imagine. You were put on Earth to make a contribution.
You weren’t created just to consume resources — to eat, breathe, and
take up space. God designed you to make a difference with your life. You
were created to add to life on Earth, not just take from it. God wants
you to give something back.”
I think it is safe to say he answered my plea.
Despite these confirmations the enemy was working. Closely too. He was using my loved ones. My husband then mentioned “what if you collect all these things and they refuse”.
So that night I prayed, really prayed, and while praying god said call I called the two locations we were working with to drop off goods. To reconfirm al lthe details I was working on and reconfirming what they needed, what was missing, what we had, what we were doing etc.
I rebuked the devil for instilling doubt, and said God you will provide… you will pave way to a solution, and we will get these clothes to those in need as was promised….. my confirmations all started with a request. He told me to be patient. Then after receiving doubt from my husband and receiving the many confirmations he told me to call. When I reached out to all the parties involved my nerves calmed. My thoughts eased.
By Thursday of that week (one week and two days before the event) my sister in christ sent me a message with another verse. She stated ‘Reading my daily morning bible readings, Mathew 20:28 came up. I wasn’t going to tell you but something told me to tell you, that once again the Lord brings these versus to my readings and that I should share with you. Its just confirmation after confirmation. Whatever happens on the 14th is because its how the Lord permitted it.”
Mathew 20:28 states: “just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”
The following day she sends me this:
By Rick Warren
“Your attitude must be like my own, for I, the Messiah, did
not come to be served, but to serve, and to give my life as a ransom for
many.” (Matthew 20:28 TLB)
“For Christians, service is not something to be tacked onto our schedules
if we can spare the time. It is the heart of the Christian life. Jesus
came “to serve” and “to give” — and those two verbs should define your
life on Earth, too. “
Confirmation after Confirmation of How Great God is in answering our please.
The days leading to the event was running smooth.
Packages were being received in the mail from those whom ordered online.
Donations were still trickling in.
Many members have helped non stop on several occasions to get things done.
over 200 boxes were prepped, sorted and sent to both locations.
200 boxes which included food, clothing, feminine product, hygiene products, toiletries, elder care needs, medical supplies, school supplies, baby products water etc.
200 boxes which we hope will make a difference to the lives whom receive these goods.
The day of it was all hands on deck.
Members of various ages from the youngest of the crop to some of the elders.
All hands were on deck prepping, sorting, folding, boxing.
The men made the first trip towards the PR aid.
It took 45 minutes to load up the van.
The men onsite were plentiful and it took 5 minutes to unload all the goods for PR 110 boxes and 25 cases of water went to PR.
As the day continue we finished packing.
By the end of the day (4pm) We had 90 boxes ready to go.
The second site was unable to secure a vehicle big enough to pick up all the goods we obtained for them, so we took a road trip.
We got to meet our sister in Christ helping St Martin and the other islands.
90 boxes of essential items were dropped off to her.
Tears were shed.
Prayers were made.
Glory to God was proclaim.
My prayers were answered. We did not plan this event in vain.
We did not let the enemy win.
We succeeded in helping many for a great cause.
We are called to serve, and serve we did.
I am beyond humbled beyond words could ever compare with everything this experience has taught me.
Despite my fear and worries for my families back home.
Despite logistical planning and constant phone calls.
I am glad that God provided.
He showed yet again that all will happen in his time.
He showed that we need to patient.
He taught me a special lesson.
I am called to serve.
Father God thank you for this humbling experience.  Thank you for the lessons you have learned. Most importantly thank you for the reminders that Patience is needed and that I am called to serve. You are most kind dear Lord, you are compassionate and your mercy is beyond comprehension my Lord. I am thankful for guiding me through this experience which was stressful. Thank you for not allowing those seeds of doubt take over my heart and my mind.  I fully trusted in you then and I fully trust in you now. As in all I do; It is all for your Glory and your will to be done.  May others use this testimony as an example that in the midst of one’s storm we are to be patient and confide in you to lead the way. Amen

Strength, from weakness.

“And He said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.’…”
(2 Corinthians 12:9)
Strength, from weakness.
You know, Paul said it is when we are weak, he makes us strong. Here we are reminded that no matter what we are facing in our lives, when we feel we are at a point of no return, when we feel weak, if we confide in him, his strength will be enough to make it all worthwhile.
God can handle any challenge we face.
I know I constantly talk about hardships, its because we all go through them.
Its in our hardship that we need to trust in him, but not only that, when things are going great; praise him, glorify him, so he can always provide the strength you need when feeling weak.
One of the my most weakest moments in my life was child birth.
My oldest son was enroute.
We were in the delivery room.
I pushed, pushed and pushed.
He kept going back up.
It was like he did not want to come out in to this world (I kind of don’t blame him).
After about an hour of pushing, I felt weak.
My mom said a little prayer.
I found some strength.
Together my mom and my husband grabbed my legs, as I pushed, they pushed inward.
Poof the baby arrived.
I felt so drained, so weak, physically, emotionally, mentally weak.
This is a natural process that millions of women did before me and millions more will continue to do so after me.
I felt weak, it was through that weakness, with my mothers comforting words, God provided not only the physical strength from within, but exterior strength using my mom and spouse.
We need to always trust that God will handle all our circumstances and he will find a solution.
We also have to do our part in faith, with trust, to get towards that victory.
We have to pray, we have to believe,
and we have to press through to victory.
No matter what you are facing know his grace is sufficent to provide the strength.
Have faith, because when you are weak, he will provide the strength you need to cary on.
Father I thank you for the strength you continously provide. There are times I feel down and out. There are times I feel I will not make it. My faith in you has shown me that you have been able to provide, when I thought I would never. In my weakness, your provided strength. Your grace, your love, and you have always been sufficient for me. Thank you. Amen.

​ He Prepares our Paths

“I will go before you and make the crooked places straight…”
(Isaiah 45:2, NKJV)
He Prepares our Paths
We all have moments where no matter what we do, no matter how hard we try, we just seem to stay stuck. We cannot move forward. There were no warning signs that constructions were going on down the road. There were no signs of roadblocks. No signs that we would be stuck in traffic.
Life isn’t like the I-95.
Our Walk with Christ is not like route 66.
We are not always prepared for the hard stops that comes our way.
We were headed down the right path, and bam, blind-sighted now you are steering off the course of the road.
It will be OK.
It happens, to many of us.
Know that when you declared that you believe in Christ and that you choose to follow in his footsteps that he Promised to guide and protect you. The Spirit is your eyes and ears for what lays ahead. You need to trust in the Spirit and confide in God and you will find a way back to your path.
Isaiah said ” I will go before you and make the crooked places straight”. The Lord is declaring to trust in him, he see’s what lies ahead.
He knows what your future holds. Trust in him as you walk, for those hurdles that come towards you, those roadblocks, that person trying to side swipe you, all that will be taken cared of and those crooked bends along the road will be made straight again for you.
We all face hardships in life. You may be going through a bump in your road. Just know that you have already been given the rubric to get back to your path.
The Blueprint, the GPS, the map is in your possession. You know what you need to do in your time of need. I know what I need to know in my time of need.
It is time we stop ignoring what we know and listen to the voice of reason to get back on course.
If you need help to remember what is needed to get done to get back on track lets start with this:
1- Pray. Pray about your circumstance, pray about what you need to do and for guidnce so you can listen to God as he provides you direction.
2- Stand before a mirror. Look at your flaws. Look at your attitude. Look at anything in your reflections where you can visibly see what you need to change (attitude, action, etc).
3- Rebuke negativity. Even while knowing it may be my attitude that needs adjusting, do not fret on that. Do not fret on negativity that has yet to pass.
4- Praise him. Praise him. In your worship ask for guidance. He shall provide.
5 – Thank him. Thank him in your darkest hour, thank him in your finest hour. Thank him for this too shall be a life lesson you could look back to and reference as a testimony to help another.
6- Victory is coming. you know what you need to do.
7- Thank him, praise him again once you get back on your path & Pray.
Father God I thank you today for being bale to wake up and glorify your holy name. I thank you for my circumstances. I many not always like the cards death before me, but I thank you. I will learn from today and I will seek your guidance to trust you enough to get me on the path you want me to go. Thank you for preparing my path, for knowing what lies ahead, for ensuring my safety and”Lord in heaven, thank You for Your goodness in my life. Thank You for preparing the path for my life and making my crooked places straight. Thank you for my restoration, for my life, for my redemption, for your guidance and the lessons you have provided in my life. I submit myself to you, I submit all aspects of my life to you. I surrender my fears, my problems, my despairs, my anguish, I will trust wholeheartedly in you to for your guidance. Amen

Shackles & Chains

Ever felt like you were trapped in a cell like Paul an Silas?Locked, trapped, shackled, surrounded by four walls?

Image result for paul and silas
We’ve all experienced moments where we felt at a loss. Trapped. Suffocated. Isolated.
We all face trials and tribulations, some are bigger than others, some can even leave you in a situation of imprisonment. (Please for your own sake don’t let it get to that point).
So how do we get out of it?

How do we face our trials? Our moments of isolation and imprisonment?
Do exactly what Paul and Silas did.

Have you not heard what happened?
While imprisoned they started praying and praising.

What good did that do you ask?

They were freed.

The earth shook, the doors opened, the walls crumbled and they were freed. The romans weren’t too pleased but that was the least of their concern.
During their imprisonment do you know what Paul and Silas did?

They prayed, they praised, they prayed, they praised and then they did it all again.

Then they were taken out of prison.

God got them out…. broke them free…. a biblical Prison Break.

The full story of the events mentioned can be found in Acts 16:16-40; verses 16-24 discuss the events that unfolded that got Paul and Silas in Jail.

Verse 25-About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. 26 Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everyone’s chains came loose.
Prayers and praising God during the good and the bad God can release the shackles that bound you, he can break those chains. In the case of Paul and Silas it was literal, he literally broke the chains and shackled and freed them from their bondage.
This shows that their is power in calling on the name of Jesus. There is power in praising God. There is power in keeping faith even when the odds are against you. There is power in the grand I am.
Father today I ask you to free me from this bondage. To break away the shackles and chains. God I ask you to shake the earth so your presence is felt. I am grateful for you dear lord. Grateful for the air I breathe, the life you’ve given me, the people in my life. I’m grateful and thankful for all the life lessons you’ve taught me along the way. Even when the odds it seemed were stacked against me, you showed me that no matter what I am here, with you, and you will surpass this. I Pray for you reading this. That God provides you with what you need to break the chains, break those shackles and free you from your bondage. Amen.

Faithful and Ungrateful 

I was thinking about how the times are now and how much things have changed. Then I happened to see this image floating around social media.

Here is a modern day depiction of Jesus feeding the 5000 in 2017.
When Jesus fed the 5000, there were only two baskets with bread and fish. Two baskets to feed 5000 whom followed Jesus. Jesus prayed, he blessed the baskets and suddenly there was enough to feed 5000. Everyone at the time was beyond grateful. They were fed, were happy for this miracle for all were fed.

In the 2000+ years since this miracle you can see in this cartoon how much distrust we have in humanity, in one another, and even in ones faith.

How the enemy has infiltrated many of our thoughts. How we nitpick at everything.
Read the captions in the image and you see the following:

“I can’t eat that I’m vegan.”

“Has that fish been tested for mercury?”

“Is that bread gluten-free?”
This caption shows that in the midst of our struggles, while pleading for a miracle, we are being selective to the blessing we are to receive. It’s our way or the high way? Eat the fish or starve? Was there an expectation for a specific miracle?

Yes! That’s it! There’s usually an expectation.

Many of us accepts the miracles and answers we get from God when we are facing obstacles, struggles, trials and tribulations. Many of us see the struggle we are in and ask for a specific form of “miracle” or reprieve from the obstacle we are in. In doing so what we fail to realize is that, sometimes the answer we are looking for is not always the answer we want.

Sometimes to get through that obstacle we have to hear or do something we didn’t think or want to do.
If God were to be selective of our salvation the way we are selective in how we receive his blessings and answers, many of us wouldn’t be saved.
Picture God throwing tantrums like we do and saying:

“You didn’t kneel to pray, there goes your salvation”

“You didn’t pray enough, there goes your salvation”

“You didn’t fast enough, there goes your salvation”

God isn’t doing that.
Yes he wants us to pray.

Yes he wants us to kneel before his presence.

Yes he wants us to fast and make sacrifices for him.

He wants us to praise him

He wants us to Love him
Abide by his laws

Be kind to one another

Love one another

Help one another

But all in his glory.

Second guessing a miracle or a good act in faith, second guessing or being specific with an answer to help you face an obstacle is a problem.
How do we fix this problem?
We have to kneel down and pray. We need to realize that your way is not his way, and you need to accept that.
He is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, the creator of all things, the king of kings, one divine true Living God.
He knows your future.

He knows when your time on earth ends.

He had counted every hair on your body.

He is the answer to your obstacle.

He can give you the answer, take you out of that situation.

You need to trust in him.

Abide in him.
We are living scary times.

Times of xenophobia.

Times of homophobia.

Times of racism.

Times of discrimination.

Times of hatred.

Times of fear.

Times where to proclaim god is perceived as sin.
These times we are in can affect how we deal with our trials and tribulations. In order to overcome these trials in the midsts of the times we have things we need to do.
We need to listen to God.

We need to obey.

We need to hear.

We need to pray.

We need to fast.

We need to praise.

We need to trust.

We need to have faith.
In the midst of our struggles, obstacles, trials and tribulations we need to sometimes cross the valley of death, we need to face those challenges we do not want to face.

The ultimate reward will be worthwhile when we follow what God wants us to do and heed his advice vs being specific on how we want things. We can’t ask for a miracle and then want to omit certain aspects of the miracles.
Father I thank you. I thank you for allowing the obstacles, the trials and tribulations. Father these paths which include these hurdles I know are meant to teach me, to have my faith grow, to bring me closer to you. Father help me to listen more to you, so when you provide an answer, or when you bring forth a miracle that I accept all that you allow to answer the petition, to solve that obstacle. I ask for guidance during my tribulations my lord, for you to allow the Holy Spirit to manifest and guide me when I travel down roads not traveled, while I face challenges I do not want to face, while I have to do things I may not want to do. I know it takes work. I know I have to do my part. I do not want to nitpick my way to salvation dear Lord, nor do I want the easy way out. I do not want to be selective of my blessings. I want to learn, I want to grow and I want to be able to accept all that you provide me.