God Conscious, Christ Centered

“And without faith it is impossible to please
God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and
that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”
(Hebrews 11:6, NIV)

There is a Book I am reading (Woman of Mettle), it is a sequel to (Woman of Clay) both is centered during the times of and after Jesus’ ministry and crucifixion.

This this scripture made me think of a passage I read recently from this book.
“How is it possible to stay conscious of the Lord when I barely get a moment to think of him?”

This is an honest question from the protagonist. She is a mother of 3, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a daughter in law. She has to maintain order in her home, she has to submit to the demands and needs of her husband, she has daily chores and responsibilities that help the house hold function.

I am a mother to 2 boys, I am a working mother. I am a wife. I am also a dutiful daughter to my parents and help my siblings as often as I can.
I live in NYC, the city which never sleeps.

I can relate to this question from the protagonist.

How is it possible to constantly stay connected and conscious in the Lord, when with a busy schedule, the kids, the work, the house hold affairs, the daily hustle and bustle of life, how can one focus on him, when I barely get a moment to and for myself, least alone to glorify my creator. We have all been there and had that same sentiment.

The spouse of the protagonist responded in such a way where I could not help but weep, stop what I was doing and Give God thanks right there and then.

He responded: “It’s like this, If I am in the room with you when your attentions is completely take up with the children, aren’t you aware all the time of my presence, conscious of the fact that I hear every word you say to them? From time to time you catch my eye and smile and you know that I love you. Although you mihgt not speak to me much, you know I’m here even when your back is turned.”


Reflect on what he just said.

If you were not wiping tears before I am sure you are now.(especially after reflections).

We get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life….and God is evermore present. Even when our backs are turned, even while we do our chores, work, handling the kids, he is watching us with pride, with joy, with Love, reassuring Love, even when we do not speak with God he is there.

We need to be conscious of that fact that he is evermore present in our lives.
Dealing with the children.
He is there.
he is with you.
He is with you.
Doing chores
He is with you.
Taking care of your home
He is with you
Taking care of your family
He is with you
Taking care of your spouse
He is with you.
God loves us.

We need to be God conscious and Christ centered in all that we do.
if you cant verbally praise and acknowledge him, know in all that you do he is therefore all you do should be in his glory.

Father I thank you for your timing in my reading that passage. I thank you because i felt like i was drowning with my responsibilities as a mother, daughter, a spouse, employee, etc. I felt and sometimes still do feel that How can I be conscious of you at all time when i feel like I could barely breathe. I know you are ever so present with me. Thank you for enlightening me. Thank you for allowing me to read between the lines and register that you are indeed talking to me. Thank you for allowing me to find the time to acknowledge and praise you in all i do.

Dear Reader:  It is easy to lose focus in your walk with Christ in this carnal world, more so for new believers.  I ask that you listen to what is written here, know that in all you do every move you make, you give him the glory, consciously or unconsciously.  I know it is easier said than done, trust me I know.  Work, School, family, responsibilities all can take up a lot of time, but remember to always pray, even while working, always meditate, even while in school, always God First.  It is hard, but so rewarding.  I feel at Peace and I could only thank God for the peace I have despite all that is going on.


All in his Time.

Prestigious yet no prestige

Prestigious yet no prestige
I work for a prestigious organization which shall remain nameless. This organization is well known. This organization has great aspects to it. This organization I always aspired to some day join. There were expectations as an organization that have yet to be fulfilled. When I got hired there …. at first it was everything I had ever imagined it to be then….
The grass is not always greener on the other side.
Lies… lies…reneged promises. They dangle that carrot then they yank it away….. such a tease.
This organizations leadership needs guidance. They need prayers, they need education and understanding. Quick to find someone to blame in situations, quick not to investigate and research, quick to cross that ethical line of need be.
As an establishment I like the place. As an employee I’m starting to feel it’s time to go. My conscience, my moral beliefs and ethics are always on the line. My family are always up for discussion. I should not have to choose from being a good employee and being a good mom.
My right to privacy should be respected. Confidentiality had been breeched more than once. Loyalty is a myth. Bosses who defend their staff is a legend of days pasts.
I’ve been reflecting on whether to move on for quiet some time. To get back to my grassroots initiatives despite the drop in pay. To do something more meaningful to me. What I do at my “prestigious” organization is meaningful to the lives affected, the lives I help. However, I need something more rooted with a cause that aligns my heart where I can feel pure joy, despite the stress in what I do.
I once loved my job, I currently just tolerate it, passing time, waiting for when God says now is the time to go.
We as people buy into the hype of the name thinking due to its reputation it has to be worthwhile. Turns out it’s a big disappointment. My colleagues have similar feelings.
Why don’t you just leave?
Can we?
In this economy that we are living in?
A single income household cannot suffice with the demands of time for a family of 4.
Benefits, healthcare is what one needs to think about when you have children. Protect ones family and have their best interest.
Finding employment when the competition pool just keeps increasing. It’s hard finding work. You can apply, apply, apply and apply but that doesn’t guarantee a call from a prospective employee. This modern world is so digitized.
We have to teach our children the importance of networking so that they can increase their prospects of future employment. We have to teach our kids to do their best to ensure their resume and cover letters are superb, so that they can increase their chances of a call back, to be knowledgeable, personable and straight to the point during interviews so the interviewee can remember them among the candidate pool. We have to talk about our experiences so they can learn from them.
Oh this prestigious organization. Look where you left me.


Left me hopeless in ever believing that you were better.

Left me anxious to leave, no jet at the end of my shift.

This is like a pending bad break up from a relationship you had hoped and aspirations.

I once loved you.

Now I long to be free from your bondage.
Your name is prestigious, but there’s no prestige in working for you.
I no longer want to be in a relationship with you, counting on the days to be free from your oppression.